Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings

 Two more encrusted pieces finished.  I think I'll give the encrusted muslin a rest until I decide what to do with them.

I visited with my friend Teresa (she of the beautiful library) on Saturday and came away with one of Ricky's wonderful plant hooks fashioned from horseshoes, some interesting corks with wooden tops to use in my doll projects, and some old horseshoes to use for rust dyeing.  Yes, I was supposed to be helping Teresa create her blog, but she ended up doing it pretty much on her own.

Take a peek at Teresa's new blog, Views from My Highland Cottage and see their beautiful house and some of Ricky's creations.

It appears that along with the entire middle section of the country, we should expect some serious storms this afternoon.  Such a contrast to the beautiful day we had yesterday.

The highlight of my Sunday occurred yesterday morning when 4 cardinals began swooping through the yard, briefly lighting on the fence or in trees, then taking off again as if playing chase.  It finally dawned on me that although they all seemed bright, one of them might be a female with an entourage of prospective suitors.  It was a brilliant display whatever the reason.

Have a great week!


  1. Love the encrusting! And those rust enablers. Have fun making rusty fabric!

  2. How do you get so much done! That encrusting must take forever, and you're just cranking them out! :-)

  3. Suz - :) I'm eager to get back to some eco dyeing, but I'm not there yet so the horsehoes will have to wait a bit.

    Stephie - I really like doing the encrusted pieces while watching Netflix at night, and because they are time-consuming, I keep them pretty small. I plan to keep a couple going, but I need to get onto a new project or two.

  4. So pretty! I love these. Lucky you, I wish we had cardinals. Seems like in our yard we have mostly little brown birds although I did see a nuthatch the other day at our feeder. Towhees also.

  5. Thanks, Judy! We have sparrows, mockingbirds, and the occasional blue jay, but the cardinals are the most beautiful. They are all nice to listen to early in the morning. :)

  6. i am throughly enjoying all your blogs since i, too am an avide reader, a lover of embroidery and quilting.

  7. Peregrine Blue - Thanks! I think a lot of fabric people are readers, too. I love both!


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