Saturday, March 17, 2012

Erin go Bragh

And top of the morning to you on this St. Patrick's Day!

 I gave our daughter Erin a tee shirt with Erin go Bragh on it when she was small with the phrase on it.  At school, bragh became bra, and our little Erin was not very happy with me.  What if I'd given her one that said, "Kiss me, I'm Irish"?

My allergies have been giving me fits lately.  Which means it must be time to garden.  I hope to check some garden centers this afternoon, and my eyes will probably be all itchy and unfocused.  This is a little early, but it has been so warm this year that the plants are coming in, and I must have some basil.

I watched Looking for Richard with Al Pacino recently.  I had this on my list of documentaries that I wanted to watch for a long time, and the reviews were all pretty positive.  I wasn't much impressed, however.  It seemed so self-indulgent.

Anyway, I started thinking about Josephine Tey's mystery Daughter of Time, which I read over 30 years ago, but which has stuck with me.  I have looked for it in the library several times, but it was evidently culled.  It was published in 1951, I think.

Watching the documentary, which deals with Shakespeare's Richard III, made me think of Daughter of Time again, and I ordered a copy from Amazon.  What a pleasure!  I enjoyed every minute of it!

Although I was unimpressed with Pacino's documentary, I'm really glad I watched it because it made me reread Tey's book with a point of comparison.  Shakespeare's play is full of inaccuracies, to say the least.  He was writing for the Tudors, and the Tudors reviled Richard. Did Richard have the princes in the tower killed?

Oops, I've gotten carried away, and I haven't even begun my review of the book for A Garden Carried in the Pocket.  I'll have a lot to say about it.

Have a great St. Paddy's Day!


  1. Ohhhhh,now I've requested it at the library, should be here in a couple of days =-) Btw,I agree re: Pacino...

  2. Debby - I have my review scheduled for Monday. I really hope you enjoy the book!


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