Saturday, March 24, 2012

Company in the Casa and TAST Stitch

Spring Break for Bryce Eleanor, no kindergarten on Friday.  We took a nice walk.  Our walks go something like this:  Bryce Eleanor runs.  I judge that to be far enough and yell, "Freeze!"  I catch up, then release her to run again.  Repeat.  I get to walk at a reasonable pace.  She gets to run and work off energy.  We both have a good time.

We also played with blocks and puzzles, of course.  And she (not I) dismembered Erin and Amelia's old Barbie dolls.  I'm useful when she wants them re-assembled.  Not sure but what there is some resemblance to Dr. Moreau in this process as I doubt all of the legs are on the original bodies.

I'm just thinkin' that the rolled up legging looks a trifle gang-like. Other four-year-old members would probably include Paddy and John David.  Terrors, all three.

Her dad came to pick her up around 4:30 to take her to soccer practice.  I'm sure she worked off the rest of her excess energy there.

I've been doing more reading than embroidering lately, but did get the weekly TAST stitch worked into a couple of prayer flags in progress.  This week's stitch is the barred chain stitch. I think it would have worked better with a very fine perle cotton than with the embroidery floss.
On eco dyed muslin and silk.

On plain muslin.  I also tried to imitate Deepa's honeycomb chain stitching in the right hand corner.  Not an impressive attempt; will have to work on it.


  1. I suppose we had excess energy at one point in our lives...wish we hadn't burned it all off, I could use some now.

  2. My daughter always has the heads off her Barbies. LOL. Those socks crack me up. My daughter has very grown up taste in clothing, too. :-) Her daddy looks like quite the handsome man! :-)

  3. Rian - I know what you mean about the need for excess energy--I could use some, too! The little Munchkin's parents probably sleep harder than she does.

    Stephie - After B.E. left yesterday, I tossed heads and limbs into the "treasure box" without bothering to match any up. I only re-assemble when requested.

    Aren't those socks something? She's a very enthusiastic soccer player, but she also has something to say about her wardrobe. And, yes, I agree that her daddy is a handsome man; our Amelia is a lucky girl. :)

  4. hey, your stitching is lovely as always, thanks for stopping by....

  5. Wow...
    I haven't make the barred chain stitch like this...but I like yours!
    And I always like your player's flag!

  6. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I was going to like this stitch, and I do think it works better in a fine perle cotton like I've seen others use, but I do like that bar.

  7. What a little cutie! They sure do have lots of energy, don't they? And they revive awfully fast also. LOL I so agree about perle for that stitch; it needs the extra definition and that just doesn't happen with floss.

  8. Hi Jenclair. Sorry I've been away, busy with spring chores. BE certainly has grown! She is absolutely darling. I'll have to try the freeze game on my next walk with Marley. Although only two, she has definitely got a mind of her own. Your stitches are beautiful. How many of these prayer flags do you intend to make? There must be quite a few already.

  9. Judy S. - B.E. is a very talkative, energetic four-year-old. She makes me laugh.

    Yes, it is the definition that perle cotton gives the stitch that I like!

    Mary - I need to be tending to some spring chores, myself. I know you and Marley have some good times, and walking with a little one makes you appreciate so much.

    Don't know how many prayer flags will eventually get done. I've already made more than I thought possible. :)

  10. The barred chain stitch is an interesting stitch. It looks very good on your eco dyed fabric.
    B.E. is a big girl now. Playing soccer already? I can't believe it. Does she wear those beautiful socks for playing?

  11. Francoise - Well, the kids are on the field and there is a soccer ball. And they play. But "playing soccer" might be assuming too much. Yep, she plays in those flowered socks. :)


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