Friday, March 30, 2012

Commentably Speaking

All of a sudden, I can't post replies to comments.  Keep getting an error message.  Now, I realize that I can't comment on other blogs, either.  Different error message.  Frustrating.

Given the state of affairs, I'm going to have to move on to other things.  However, I do want to share this article with you from Martha Beck:  Spring Cleaning:  Walk Away Clutter.  (via not all those who wander are lost)

I had to laugh when I saw the following phrases:
“But I can still wear that!”
 “I have to go through those,”  and “Someone could use that”

I've yet to do the closet clean-out that I talked about in January.  And just yesterday, I was mentally complaining about the time it takes to clear out paper clutter.  The newspaper, the daily junk mail, the mail order catalogs, the genuinely important mail.  Such a waste of paper and time.

Then there is the book clutter.  I receive new books from publishers as Advanced Reading Copies several times a week.   I'm familiar with some of the publishers and media people, but some show up from unknown sources, and I wonder how they got my address.

I'm a book junkie.  It's true.  There are all of my own books, books from publishers, and of course, the library books.  The book clutter alone is overwhelming.  There are two stacks nearly 5 feet tall next to the bookcase, which is full.  There are books in progress scattered throughout the house.  Something does need to be done.

It is time to make my rounds and donate books to the library and to an assisted living home near my home; the rest go to Goodwill.
And the problem of the commenting is cured.  After my post on Blogger Help, there were at least 10 more complaints about the same thing.  Blogger got to this problem quickly.


  1. I've yet to do the closet clean-out that I talked about in January.

    LOL!!! Welcome to my world!!

  2. Rian - If only! In your world, there are delicious meals!

  3. My sister and I could have written this post about clutter. But today is the last of March and I really did do some work and removed "at least one thing' from the house for the whole month! But, Oy the books and fabric and papers - Oh my!

  4. Nancy - I remember your post about removing at least one thing each day! Spring cleaning seems to be almost a subconscious urge, doesn't it. Not that I've worked on that closet yet.


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