Sunday, March 04, 2012

Busy Weekend...

Guess who came to visit?
Saturday morning, she took all of the beads, etc. out of the plastic cups (B.E. loves plastic cups and plastic storage containers) and distributed them into the muffin tin.
 She has strung all kinds of bracelets onto the pipe cleaners,  sorted buttons and beads, asked a million questions, explored my stash of fabric and assorted embellishments, picked up, put away, and gotten it all out again several times.

Yesterday, when we went to get the mail, she saw my neighbors three grandsons playing kick ball in the street.  We live in a cul-de-sac, which makes street play much safer.  She played, and ran, and jumped, and giggled and screamed when she got put "out"  -- such delight!

When the boys' mother came to pick them up, and she had to come inside, she cried.  She wanted "to play with those boys" some more.  It made me sad to see her sadness,  but she recovered pretty quickly and transferred her four-year-old-love to Edgar.

She is watching The Lion King right now, and I have a short break from being the recipient of her monologues and the constant companion to her imagination.

Two of my buddhas enjoy the sunshine and the scent of rosemary.  I love my happy, big- bellied Ho Tai buddhas.

Amelia and Chris are in New Orleans for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon for the American Cancer Society.  Chris, Rachel, Kyle, and Steve will be running--Amelia and Robin will be watching.

Oh, how I love all the shelves and containers in this craft room!  (Stephie, I like the way she has her paints tilted so the tops show up so nicely...)

Uh oh, another disturbance in B.E.'s room; evidently Edgar is causing problems.  He adores her, but he just knocked over her castle.


  1. Oh, what a delightful and creative little granddaughter you have! I always enjoy reading about her and your doings and this time, I could 'see' her doing them as well! Just wonderful!

  2. B.E. looks like she is having a great time with Grandma. I love your smiling Buddhas!

  3. I remember quite fondly visits with my grandmother. Digging through fabric, beads and old jewelry. She is 96 now and I still visit with her every Monday.

  4. My one and only grandchild, a girl, lives halfway around the world, so I shan't have the play days that you are enjoying with your DGD. Even so, it's fun for me to see what all she gets up to, and imagine...........

  5. Beads and little girls are so fun.

    I agree with you! That craft room is great, and I love that storage solution for the paints! Cool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh what a lucky pair you are...memories being built that will last a lifetime :)

  7. Michele- She's a busy bee! I'm an exhausted grandma! :)

    Rian - We do have a good time!
    B.E. loves the buddhas, too, and rubs their bellies for luck!

    Deb - I can only hope that my grandchildren will want to continue to visit me when I'm 96! Your grandmother is a lucky woman!

    Suz - My other two grandkids are about 4 1/2 hours away. I'm so glad both of them are close enough to visit! Their other grandparents live in N.C. and in France. It would be hard to be so far away, Suz!

    Stephie - I love all the shelves for storage in that craft room. I continue to look for storage ideas.

    Nancy - I hope the memories will last a lifetime!


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