Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Plans

Fee got home last night and immediately settled in for his favorite shows on the History Channel.  You will know one of them if I mention Chumlee...

 Today, after tai chi, I'm going to begin a new project.  I'll continue with the prayer flags, but I need to begin something new.  Or at least finish something that lies languishing on the design board or on the cutting table.

I was picking through my eco scraps yesterday for a new prayer flag and pulled out the spinach and rosemary dyed pieces.  The leaf print is a funny one--I'm not sure now what I did on that dye batch, but the leaf came out white with dark outlines.  I think it was from some fabric I wrapped on copper pipe for dyeing, but I'm not sure.
The scraps include muslin, flour sacking, silk, cheese cloth, gauze, and some very thin, loosely woven fabric from I don't know where.  All these scrappy pieces will become a prayer flag at some point.
Back from tai chi and running errands.  Ready to head upstairs to make something.  I don't know what, but maybe it will come to me when I start straightening up and putting away a few things.

Should be a good afternoon!


  1. Can't wait to see what you create!!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! I love the leaf ribbon. It inspires me to try some narrow strips (maybe wrapped around some metal). Really nice, Jenclair!

  3. Sherri - I've begun a new doll. Two incomplete ones will have to wait even longer, but maybe if I'm in the doll mode, they will get some work soon. The new one is in the style of Bitter & Boo, but will be a shelf sitter with a rounded bottom. This type moves a little faster than the others. :)

    Valerie - Thanks! I've been saving some onion skins and will soon be ready to try some new dye pots. I still have so many scraps in the scrap basket, but the urge to dye some more and try for some more prints is increasing.


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