Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two New Prayer Flags

Joy is a series of paisley leaves.  In life, the appearance of spring leaves on the trees provides a joyful experience denoting the end of winter, in summer there is the joy of watching the leaves move in the wind or dapple the ground with shade, and in fall, the joy and wonder of the leaves turning all the various shades and colors, in the leafy piles, in the sight and rustling sound of leaves blown across a path.

Explore has an eco dyed scrap that I embroidered with running stitches in the fall, then attached to the flag.  I then added chain stitches over the other stitches.  Bad photo.

I've finally reviewed Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket.  Geez, I love his language; although I could hope for a happier story, it is so beautifully written.

Continuing to read my books of essays, a little at a time.  A Dyer's Hand by Auden is a re-read, A Common Reader by Virginia Woolf is new to me, as is A Visit to Vanity Fair by Alan Jacobs.  No hurry to any of these, an essay here, an essay there.  None of the compulsion of my mysteries --which I've been trying to wean myself from temporarily.

Oh, and I won a give-away which I will share with you when it arrives!  I'm very excited about this because I love winning anything and this one will fit so well into my various crafty projects.

Good mail: Yesterday my sign from Goldiloo's Etsy Shop arrived!  Love it.  Can't wait to put it up!  I might have to order another one of her signs--she has a-plenty.
Primitive, Folk Art , Porch Rules Wall Sign


  1. Those porch rules are good reminders! "explore" one of my favorite words when working with young children :)

  2. Great flags, and I LOVE your porch sign! That is just great!!!

  3. Especially wonderful leaves on that flag!

  4. Love the new flags and the porch sign is awesome!!

  5. Great porch sign with lots of good advice! Love your paisley leaves~I am very ready to see new leaves! Yours are beautiful!

  6. Nancy - I'm loving my new porch rules! I spend a lot of time out there following one or all of the rules. :)

    Stephie - Goldiloo makes great signs, doesn't she?

    Connie - Thanks! I love doing these paisley leaves!

    Sherri - It is an awesome sign, isn't it? I still haven't hung it outside, but maybe today.

    Judy S. - Easy advice to follow! :)

  7. Love your new flags, especially JOY.

  8. Great flags, both of them; I am wondering how you did the letter stitching for Explore??

  9. Francoise - Thanks! The leaves are fun because no two are alike--and I like the surprise of making them up as I go along.

    Loralei -- Explore is a simple stem stitch but with a thick craft floss. I think because the floss was so thick, it just gives a different look. :)

  10. Que j'aime vos drapeaux de prière, et le mot "Joy" et "Exploirer" deux mots magnifiques. Je n'ai pas eu le temps d'en broder un nouveau, mais il existe déjà dans ma tête. J'ai lu Virginia Wolf il y a tellement longtemps que vous me donnez envie de la relire.

  11. I'm taking a break from the prayer flags while working on a few other things--and straightening up my work space. Thanks you for your sweet comments on the latest prayer flags.

    I've enjoyed Woolf's essay on Chaucer because I've dearly loved the Canterbury Tales.
    Je prends une pause dans les drapeaux de prière tout en travaillant sur quelques autres choses - et redressant mon espace de travail. Merci pour vos commentaires douces sur les drapeaux de prière derniers.

    J'ai apprécié essai Woolf sur Chaucer parce que j'ai beaucoup aimé les Contes de Canterbury.


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