Friday, February 03, 2012

Rainy Friday

Raining.  We do need the rain, but I wish I didn't have to go out in it today.  I'd rather stay inside and read.  Alas, sometimes there is no choice in the matter.

In contrast to the dreary weather, my new orange floss looks cheerful and warm.

Nathalie of La Bastidane has created a beautiful prayer flag.  All of her embroidery is so gracefully beautiful, and you can enjoy all of her work.  Here is a link to her lovely prayer flag.  I really like the way she incorporated her word, Merci.

I've finished 3 more prayer flags that I've been working on and need to take some pictures of them.  None of them have the herringbone stitch which is this week's TAST stitch, and I don't know if I'll get much done on this latest stitch this week.

Bryce Eleanor will be coming for a visit this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to a different kind of play.  And lots of conversation.  She is such a talkative little thing now and has an opinion about everything.  

Yesterday, I caught Stinker in her window basket, looking quite content.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Merci de tout mon coeur Jenclair, merci pour vos drapeaux de prière, j'aime l'idée de savoir que chacune dans notre partie du monde, nous brodons des lettres qui sont des lettres qui forment une prière commune. Merci à vous encore une fois, de m'avoir fait découvrir les drapeaux de prière.

  2. Nice. Your kitty is so cute. Have a wonderful day. Hope the rain lets up.

  3. Stinker is beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  4. Ooooooh, squealing over that orange! You knew I would =-) I have a basket started similar to kitty's that is about 3/4 finished...I keep meaning to get it out and do is one designed for picking flowers...gotta love that image, now all I need is the flowers =-) I hope you get to enjoy the rain at some point today...sure wish we'd get some. Happy weekend!

  5. Lucky stinker. That's a nice basket to lounge in.

  6. Nathalie - Qu'est-ce une belle idée de les appeler une prière commune. Pensez à tous les drapeaux de prière dans le projet drapeau de prière, en France, en Angleterre, en Allemagne, au Tibet, dans le monde entier en ajoutant strenth les uns aux autres!

    Stephie - Stinker is a sweet cat, who watches the window and sleeps. What a life!

    Connie Rose - She is the tiniest little thing. The other two are twice her size.

  7. I am loving that orange! It can brighten up the dreariest of days.

  8. Debby - I'm so impressed with your basket making because baskets are beautiful and because it is becoming a lost art. Hope you get a share of the rain!

    Suz - :) I love that old basket, and so does Stinker.

    Rian - Orange does brighten up things, doesn't it? Even a rainy day seems brighter when there is a little orange in it!

  9. Lovely orange colors!! Just gorgeous! Hope you had a great afternoon yesterday with BE!

  10. Wow, that orange is really pretty and so bright, especially when compared to this awfully dreary weather we're getting. I know BE brightened your weekend, also.

  11. Sherri - Yes, a combination of Bryce Eleanor and the orange floss makes for a great way to combat the dreary weather!

    Mary - Bryce Eleanor kept me really busy this weekend, and we had a wonderful time. She is such a talker now!


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