Sunday, February 05, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Bryce Eleanor provided me with plenty of entertainment Friday and Saturday.  She talks non-stop, and I learn all kinds of interesting things.  Among other creations, she made a dog park with her blocks.  She's a little Energizer Bunny, never bored and always busy!

Stinker got out early Friday morning and, despite the rain, decided to walk the fence.

I tried some variations of the herringbone stitch this week; used a linen thread, fine pearl cotton, and DMC floss.
I've still got prayer flags that I need to photograph.  I've used all of the "blanks" I created when I started this project (and a couple more that I made along the way).   Now I need to make  more 5"x8" flags to embroider.


  1. Your little gal is getting so big! I think your prayer flag project suits you well :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your granddaughter!

  3. What a big girl she is now!
    Love the pictures of Stinker too. I had never noticed the black and white patterns on his legs before, funny.
    Looking forward to seeing your next prayer flags.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Nancy - I know! I look back at the pictures from last year...those legs have really grown!

    Suz - :) She keeps things hopping around here.

    Francoise - Stinker doesn't usually get out, but when she does, she goes straight for the fence.

    Yesterday is the first day since I started the prayer flag project that I didn't take a stitch!

  5. Love all of your BE photos and now Stinker's are such great fun! Enjoying all of the stitching vicariously, so much fun!


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