Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stitch after Stitch

When I decided to make prayer flags for the TAST Challenge, I wondered how many techniques I could include besides stitching: applique, stamping, transfers, felting, etc.

So far, I've been completely absorbed with stitching.  Each evening after supper, I move upstairs to pick up needle and floss and stitch away while watching Netflix.

I've done this before with embroidery.  Spent hours and hours stitching, sometimes with a goal in mind, sometimes not.  I've embroidered tee shirtshere and here, random designspillows and more pillowsmiscellaneous ideaspractice strips and buttonstiny quilts framed piecesslow cloth, and much, much more.

It becomes an obsession, an addiction that lasts for a while until I've worked my way through each cycle.  I just can't seem to quit.  Until I finally do quit and move on to another endeavor.

I've finished another prayer flag--this one is for balance.  We all seek balance in our lives.  Emotional and physical and creative balance.  (balance between work and family, the checkbook needs to balance, a balanced diet, the government has certain checks and balances,
"on balance" - having considered various outcomes or aspects, "off balance," and things can "hang in the balance")

This prayer flag doesn't really highlight a weekly TAST Challenge stitch, but does use both the fly stitch and the button hole (or blanket stitch) variations.  And, of course, lots of seed stitching.  "On balance," this prayer flag was a way to keep my hands busy and calm the mind.

My new goal is to begin using some other techniques, but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave the mindless stitching.  :)

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  1. I love the free-form randomness of the stitching, and how it comes together into a peaceful whole. Beautiful work.

  2. You choose words I would also choose. Love the color scheme and earthiness.

  3. Laurie - Definite randomness! Thanks for the nice comment, Laurie.

    Nancy- I have a whole list of words and phrases that I made when I first thought about making the prayer flags. Choosing the ones to use for each has been fun. I already have the words stitched on several flags, and I keep finding words that I'd like to use! Can't wait to do "sky blue trades" from a Dylan Thomas poem. I could do a whole series on phrases from Dylan Thomas as he had such a gift with words.

  4. So creative, I like it, I like design, fabric, colors ... I like your work.

  5. Nathalie - Thanks! I'm enjoying working on these little stitcheries and seeing what everyone else has created.

  6. I like so much your flags!!!...Very good work!
    Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog!

  7. Beautiful, Jenclair! I love what you've created here, and your colour choices. Stitching can be so meditative.

  8. ty.Jecyka - Thanks! Your owl is so fantastic; I was amazed at what you could do with the feather stitch!

    Thanks, Suz, I just keep wandering over the cloth, but it is deeply satisfying. :)


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