Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Blog Favorite and The Prayer Flag Project

Thanks to Wendy, I've discovered a new blog, Do You Mind If I Knit?  Vanessa knits, sews, gardens, illustrates children's books, has an Etsy shop, and makes wonderful creatures like Evangeline!
How can you look at Evangeline and not feel your spirits lifted? She delights me!  Just look at her tiny aprons and the exuberant joy of her stances...she makes me want to lift my arms and twirl.  I have tea towels...I could join her in her tea towel dance!

Jane LaFazio featured my prayer flags on the prayer flag blog:  The Prayer Flag Project: hand stitched prayer flags!  How exciting is that?  I've been so surprised and pleased by the comments about my prayer flags!  As I mentioned in a post a while back, Jane's blog Janeville was one of my inspirations in deciding to create the prayer flags.

This week's TAST stitch is the Cretan stitch, and it gave me quite a bit of trouble.  It would turn into the feather stitch or I'd fail to get the thread under the needle.  Again, I'm not to great at improvising new variations, but others are.  I've seen some wonderful and complex designs that I've I struggled to get the basic stitch to flow.
My attempts.  Actually, the ones I like best are those that are completely irregular, with changing width and length like the one at the very top.  They remind me of brain waves or heart monitors.   Also with that irregularity in mind, you don't have to be careful about placement, just soldier on haphazardly.  :)  More my style!

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?


  1. I agree with you about Evangeline--totally delightful!

    Your prayer flags deserve to be mentioned; I think they're a wonderful idea.

  2. I like really your prayer flag, I don't know the story of prayer flag, i think it's a beautiful story, thank you for the sharing ... and may be the next week ? I wait.

  3. Evangeline looks at home here. : ) Wendy

  4. Wendy - She makes me smile--thanks for sharing Vanessa's blog with me!

  5. Nathalie - It is a beautiful story, isn't it? All the way back to its Tibetan origins. I love seeing what the various prayer project members are doing.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my efforts!

  6. Kay - Thanks, Kay! Evangeline looks so full of joie de vivre, doesn't she? I just love her!

  7. Great stitching samples. Thanks!
    Evangeline is cute, but at the moment I have a furry one in my house somewhere... I think I need a cat. Does she do cats? lol

  8. :Diane - Several years ago, I left a note for my husband telling him we had mice in the house. Here is his reply.

    My sympathies. And yes, I saw a cat on Vanessa's blog, but I don't think he would be much help as I think he counts Evangeline as a friend. On the other hand, I now have a Triad of cats. Yes, Triad--with all of the criminal implications. Want one?

  9. OMG. I love Evangeline! I need to go check that out. I will need to learn more about your prayer flags. Love your stitching! How fun.

  10. Mama Pea - Isn't Evangeline the most wonderful mouse? Such personality!


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