Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning

I've had an interesting morning.  After tai chi, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and as I was heading to my car, I noticed a young woman who appeared to be in serious pain.  I watched a few moments, then walked over and asked if everything was OK (which obviously it was not, but what do you say?)

She said she thought something had ruptured, but that she was going to drive to the emergency room.  She could hardly talk.  I asked if she was really capable of driving and told her I'd be happy to take her.  By then, she could barely move, and she agreed.  The hospital was only about 5 minutes away, but it was lunch time traffic, and I don't know if she could have made it by herself.  I took her to Willis Knighton's emergency room and am hoping that everything is OK.  She called her husband on the way, and he was supposed to meet her there.

I remember the pain before my appendix burst and the pain when I had a kidney stone...I was past being able to think in both cases.
On a more cheerful note, this video of a crow snowboarding on a roof is so funny.  Crows are really intelligent birds, but this one knows how to entertain himself!

Crow snowboard on roof (via time goes by)


  1. Oh, you have SO done something special for someone else, Jen! You just became an 'Everyday Angel'..not that you weren't before, of course. I suspect that you've always been :)

  2. Here's hoping she is OK. I too remember the severe pain of my appendix (which thankfully did not burst). I was beyond thinking too.

  3. Michele - You are so sweet. To tell the truth, I was pretty scared because she was in so much pain. I was relieved to get her to the emergency room and into a professional's hands.

    Nancy - Strange how such severe pain clouds your thinking. I asked her if she had her appendix, and she said she'd had it removed, so that wasn't it, but whatever it was I'm glad I was able to help.

  4. Today you were her guardian angel. You quite possibly may have saved her life.

  5. I'm so glad you were in the right place at the right time to come to her aid. Thank you for caring enough to help. Bless ya!

  6. Rian - I certainly hope she is OK. It is sad to see someone in so much pain.

    Suz - Yes, "the right place at the right time." I'm glad I was there.

  7. So good of you to stop and help. When I fainted at Michaels once I was at the mercy of those around me and thankfully, one of the ladies who came to my aid was a nurse. It's terrible to be in a public place with an emergency so your help was appreciated, I am sure.

  8. I know that when my father first began having trouble with confusion (Alzheimer's), people were remarkably willing to get involved. Even young people stepped up to help him find his car.

    When we would go the grocery store or out to eat, people were always kind and considerate of his hesitation. I can't tell you how much I appreciated their kindness.

    Most people seem willing to help others. There was only one other person in the parking lot when the young woman was having trouble, and she came up to offer help as well.

  9. I think it's amazing how many stories you hear like this - it's too bad we so often hear the stories of bad people and not enough of "helper" stories like this one!


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