Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guerrilla Art and Gardening

Here is a new guerrilla artist that I've just discovered:

The Polish Artist NeSpoon

I love guerrilla (subversive, urban, or street) art in any form.  Below is by Banksy.

Yarn Bombing has made its way around the world.  I know I've posted pics somewhere on this blog before, but the Yarn Bombing link is worth a visit.

And Guerrilla Gardening: 

below, in Japan (via Cubeme)

and in Montreal (via Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams)


More about guerrilla gardening:
here, and here, and here  -- and dozens of other places...just Google guerrilla gardening!


  1. Jenclair, I had no idea there was this type of art out there! Thanks for keeping me up to date :)!

  2. I love the gardening! Near my sister's is a man who has planted cactus and such further and further out from his property line and into common spaces that were dirt before. I worry about the trees being wrapped up like that, even though I like the look/idea of it. The lace looks interesting!

  3. Sherri - It's fun, isn't it?

    Nancy - The gardening takes a lot of effort, but creates such beauty. It is nice to see people like the man you describe make an effort to improve the landscape!

  4. Jenclair, cross the river and come see the yarn bombing at Shreveport Community Church on Ellerbe! Wendy (my blog is out of date & has none of my stitched goodies)

  5. Wendy - Really? In Shreveport? I'll have to make a trip out Ellerbe way!

  6. I drove by today. The church is Grace Community instead of Shreveport Community - on Ellerbe. Wendy

  7. Just catching up on blogs I follow... I LOVE this post - I've been telling my daughter about guerilla art and yarn bombing, but forgot to show her links. Thanks for the reminder!!

  8. Wendy - I wish they would do some yarn bombing on the trees down town!

    Loralei - I love that people do these things. I love the courage and the creativity and the surprise of finding art or gardens where you don't expect them!

  9. Jenclair, not a bad idea! Liz Swain would probably love the suggestion. Accidentally ran across this tonight and thought of you once again. http://nancymalay.blogspot.com/2011/07/witches-are-multiplying-on-my-workbench.html Wendy


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