Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 - Welcome!

I love the Tiny House Blog!  I've been reading if for about 3 years; since before we built our cabins.  A recent post was of such a beautiful tree house; more here.  Why are tree houses always so enchanting?

A new-to-me creative place, Crescendoh!  Lots of good stuff to browse through.

Linda of Linda's Art Quilts has made a cheerful mobile of tiny scraps--it is a perfectly charming version of the prayer flag and reminds me of Valerie's wonderful Thankfulness Installation.

I love Linda's idea.  It would be great for those lovely scraps that are too small for most projects, but that would flutter in the wind in such a pleasant and graceful way, sending prayers and gratitude out into the universe.


For Christmas, Erin gave me these lovely place mats, napkins, and adorable owl napkin rings! Ignore the computer.

I love the colors, and the little owls are adorable!

I have birch bark steeping for a dye bath.  Later, I'll try the red cabbage (green cabbage for the New Year's meal, but red cabbage for a dye bath).  While at the grocery store yesterday, I stuffed a lot of onion skins in the bag with one lone onion.  I gathered all the loose skins I could.  If anyone was watching, it may have appeared strange, but since no one else wants them and I can use them, I carried on.

Waiting on black eyed peas and cabbage and cornbread and apple pie!


  1. When I was in college, dying wool I'd spun, my friend worked in the produce department of a grocery store. He saved me all the onion skins I could want...they just throw them could ask at your store if they would save you a box...=-) Love those placemats!

  2. Happy New Year Jen! I peek into the tiny house blog myself to see what people come up with but don't think I could ever embrace it for myself.

    The owls are adorable!

  3. DebbyMc - I thought about asking someone to save "skins" for me, but it is a large and busy grocery store, so I didn't. Not to say I won't do so in the future!

    I love the placemats, too. They brightened up the table after I took the Christmas runner off.

    Karoda - Happy New Year to you, Karoda. The tiny houses fascinate me, but I could not downsize that small. Too much fabric and crafty stuff!

  4. Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy 2012! Can't wait to see what you'll do with all the treasures you've gathered. These photos are beautiful. I'll have to check out the sites.

  5. I have dyed Easter eggs with onion skins too. If you have any friends that have walnut trees, the hulls around the nut make really beautiful dark brown dye, but be sure to wear gloves. These are more like a rind than anything, the hard shell walnut we are used to seeing is inside the hull.

  6. Mary - Wishing the same to you in 2012, Mary! And btw, I love the idea of your family gumbo cook off!

    Angela - Oh, yes, I definitely want some walnut hulls, and I'm going to be cultivating some friendships with tree owners. :)


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