Sunday, December 04, 2011

Yesterday, I abandoned all work in the studio--whether re-organizing or stitching.  No dyeing in process, no reading about dyeing.

Yesterday, my creative work was a different kind of play, because I had company:  Bryce Eleanor came a little before lunch.  She is so talkative now; she has something to say about just about everything.  She also wants more input from me.  "Let's work this puzzle."  "Why don't we play with the ponies?"  "We can have a picnic."  "Let's color."  "Do you want to make a castle with me?"

And we did all of those things and more.  It isn't that she doesn't still play perfectly well by herself because she does, but she is more inclusive.  She will play alone, verbalizing everything that goes on, and I listen, fascinated.  Then she comes to me, and "Jenny Clay-uh, let's play...."
I'm Jenny Clay-uh; the stairs are the stay-uhs.  We also like nonsense talk, and Bryce Eleanor is an expert at that, making up words by the dozens.

Last night, after Fee got home, she enlisted her new play mate.  He was to select which pony was to be put in the dump truck.  He was usually wrong, and Bryce Eleanor patiently corrected him, removing the offending choice and replacing it with the correct one, but he did get one right, and B.E. cheered him!

It was a great day.  But that was yesterday.

This morning, however, she woke up not feeling well.  Headache and fever. She even cried, breaking my heart.  Then she went back to sleep on the couch with a damp hand towel on her head and Edgar at her feet, and woke up sweet and happy, but still with those fever eyes.  She continued to rest until Amelia and Chris came and picked her up.  I'm hoping it is not anything serious like the flu.

Amelia just called.  Her pediatrician is open until 11:00 AM on weekends, so she took B.E. on because her head started hurting again.  Mono.  I may be complaining of headache myself in the next few days 'cause I've definitely been exposed.  :o

Hopefully, Bryce Eleanor will be well enough to attend her 4th birthday party next Saturday!  And hopefully, her little friends will be able to attend because they were probably all exposed at St. Joseph's.


  1. Oh poor baby! I hope she feeling well again very soon and certainly in time for her party! Here's hoping that you don't come down with her mono. I understand that it's pretty awful--achy, feverish, and just miserable. (Although I must admit that BE looks just the sweetest all curled up with Edgar. Why can't I look sweet when I'm sick?)

  2. Nothing harder than a sick child. Poor little thing. I do hope you don't come down with mono!

  3. Mary - She's feeling much better and won't be contagious after 24 hours without fever (I think). It lasts for a long time after the contagious stage, however.

    I regret her generosity of wanting me to take a bite of her strawberries or taste her popsicles. :] The symptoms don't appear for 4-6 weeks, but we've kept her during that time, so I'm just hoping I get lucky!

    Yeah, why can't we look cute when we're sick?

    Deborah - She's feeling better now, but it is always sad to see sick little ones. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about not getting it, and I won't be tasting any more of her food, no matter how insistent she may be! :)

  4. Oh dear, mono! I'm glad she's feeling better and so hope you don't catch it. Maybe you've acquired some immunity over the years.

    I was very interested in your post about selling. I too have given up selling. I enjoyed ky, meeting people, and as you say, the validation, but it no longer appeals. And I agree that AAQI is the perfect alternative. And you remind me that I need to make some more things!

  5. Kay - I do have a pretty strong immune system, and when I was teaching, managed not to succumb to all of the various illnesses cooped up teenagers spread, so I hope this one will be just another miss.

    On selling...I see all these people with successful Etsy shops, and I'm happy to have access to so many handmade items. However, it must be a lot of work to keep a shop successful, and I wonder how many really do show a profit.

  6. Hope she is feeling better! 'Tis the season for all the bugs. We've dealt with only one round of being sick between two kids!

    In your previous post you mentioned selling your art to raise money for a good cause. I think that is a great idea! I'm always trying to think of ways that the money from my art would benefit others. There is a mission run by nuns that cares for the poor that me and my children frequent to volunteer our time and I would love to help out monetarily through my art sales.
    I'll let you know how that turns out for the year 2012!!

  7. Carla - the lovely thing about the AAQI is that it is all volunteer. All profits go to research. Bless the women who manage all the details of the sales and monthly auctions!

    I'll be eager to know how you use your art to benefit others in 2012. And how generous that you already donate your time!


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