Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WIPs, Interesting Links, Creative People

Made some progress on the autumn doll,

had two dye pots going yesterday, and a little more kantha stitching on a 4 x 4 linen square.

I've also made more progress in the studio clean-up and organization.  I'm not finished, but I may never be; now that I've made changes that result in a more compatible work space, the need to use the space creatively has already begun.  Legs for a doll, feet for another, stitching, quilt planning, and so on and on.

I saw this over at Nancy's blog Pomegranate Trail.  Prison inmates knitting--what a great way to lower the blood pressure and improve one's mood.  I always enjoy seeing how crafts like quilting and knitting can improve lives, especially for those in prison.

Deborah at The Wednesday Quilter had a nice post about AAQI and the $679,000 raised since 2006.

Michelle Palmer is having a give away of a beautiful vintage doll dress with her delightful drawn cardinals.

I love her little drawings of birds, and animals, and right, now, Christmas Snowmen.  Lots of great Christmas gift possibilities.

Dark Alley makes the most wonderful, charming, and curmudgeonly alley cats!  Each one is a distinct personality, broody, petulant, and full of exquisite detail.

Visit her blog to see some of the creatures she has created in the past or her Etsy shop to see which ones are currently for sale.

Bryce Eleanor hasn't run fever for over 24 hours, and Amelia has spoken with the school about policy.  She may be going back tomorrow, but kissing and eating or drinking after her will be verboten.  Kind of difficult with an almost 4 year old.

She is feeling fine, though, and according to Amelia, has plenty of energy.  Good immune system, evidently.

Have a great day, y'all!  (Southern-ism  for second person plural)


  1. Jenclair, what a wonderful post! I love how the Autumn Doll is coming along. Love her striped socks! Michele Palmer's Doll Dress is so cute! Those Alley Cats are hysterical!! Some days I feel like the Alley Cat you posted-LOL!!! Take care and have a wonderful day!

  2. Great links. Your Autumn Doll is fabulous. I loved the cats from Dark Alley.

  3. Sherri - Isn't that little doll dress adorable? And I would love to have any of the Alley Cats!

    Deborah - Some worthy posts concerning the influence knitting and quilting can effect--from the benefit of inmates to the benefit of research.

    Every time I look at Dark Alley's Alley Cats, I smile!

  4. Autumn doll: fantastic! I loved the KBB article.

  5. Jenclair- Your doll is great! She says, "Ta-Da!!!"
    Thanks for the mention for my blog, I loved that knitting story too. :)

  6. Debby - Autumn doll is taking her time, but she always looks serenely cheerful, so I'm just following her lead.

    It is always surprising how creative work benefits prisoners, troubled teens, and almost anyone who gives it a sincere try. Knitting occupies both hands and mind, and according to PRlog: "New studies show that knitting, crochet and other repetitive needlework provide a number of invaluable health benefits. Since 2005, ex-senior physiotherapist Betsan Corkhill collected anectodal evidence and launched a collaborative study with scientists at many different universities on the role of knitting in health. They found that such rhythmic repetitive acts help prevent and manage stress, pain and depression, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system." Quite aan array of health benefits!

    Nancy - :) Autumn doll (no name yet) does seem to be saying, "Ta Da!" doesn't she?

    Thanks for the link to the article; it was a bright spot in the day.


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