Monday, December 12, 2011

Just for Fun

Hazel loves nature and hiking.  I'm working on her hiking boots.

These little pixies make me smile.  Found at Creativity Direct via The Magic Bean.

Using photos of your children, you could make adorable angels like these at Plays With Needles.  It would be wonderful to eventually fill a whole tree with these and to have one of each child each year.  She offers a tutorial on bringing each one to life!


OK -- the cutest request ever on a Christmas list comes from Ren's Chloe (who is entirely quotable on almost any occasion).  According to Ren:

"Alison used half of her Xmas list to ask for things for her mama. Chloe asked for a real life cow and a snowflake."  

Good luck with that, Chloe!

Another recent Chloe-ism:

Chloe: you know what I like about this picture?
Ren: what?
Chloe: that I'm in it.

The kid cracks me up.


  1. That little Chloe is a hoot! As a momma to a pet skunk (it didn't last long) I say, "Go for it Chloe!"

    Jenclair, Hazel is just so cute. Love that brown dress, she will blend in with the woods while on her hike.

  2. Mary - Chloe is a hoot! I wanted a pet skunk when I was small, and my father was all for it, but my mother said no. So good for you to give it a try.

    Thanks for the nice comment on Hazel, she does love hiking in the woods!

  3. I love Hazel's walking stick!

  4. Thanks, Rian. It is a little piece of a birch branch.


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