Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Curmudgeon to Grandmother

I'm so sick of seeing this ad on every other blog page I've looked at lately.  I'm a yoga practioner, love yoga clothes, but will not be buying anything from Lucy, now or after Christmas, free shipping or not.

I don't mind seeing occasional marketing of a product, but I don't want to see it on the post itself, over and over, every day, on a hundred blogs or more.  I get tired of some of the other ads and product endorsements, too, but this one has gradually worked its way to the top of my list, and I've stopped reading any post that begins with the ad.  Originally, I stopped because I thought maybe I'd already read it, now that I know that it is as invasive as a weed, I'm treating it as toxic and when it appears, I'm clicking outta there.
Amelia's staph infection didn't clear up with oral antibiotics, so she ended up in the hospital on an IV.  She did get out of the hospital Thursday night after the last IV and in time to leave on their trip to Crested Butte Friday morning.  Since Rachel is an RN, she will be able to  pack and unpack the wound.  No more IV, though.  So far, her messages sound as if she is doing well (in between the wound packing and unpacking, which is PAINFUL).  She developed  MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant staph infection that is becoming more and more common.
Erin and the kids arrived Thursday night.

Yesterday afternoon, Erin, the kids, and I went down to the cabin.  I spent the night with them and came back to town this morning, but will be going back down later.  We played Chutes & Ladders and began work on the Gingerbread Barn.  :)

I took a couple of pictures with my phone of the construction process.


  1. I've never encountered this ad. Ever. Strange, huh...

  2. It is mostly on home dec and craft blogs, not quilting and fabric blogs. But I was really cantankerous the day I wrote that part of the post. :\ Maybe it was just displaced anxiety while I was finishing up all the Christmas details!

  3. Looks like you are enjoying your holidays! I wanted to pop by and wish you and yours a very Merry Christams and the happiest of New Years!!!

  4. Geez, I will learn how to spell some day... Merry Christmas

  5. I avoid most blogs with ads and music. I don't, however, avoid your blog. Always a treat to see the grandkids!

    Merry Christmas, Jen!

  6. Jane - Ooops! I'm late finding these messages. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    Debra- I usually avoid them as well. These were on posts of craft bloggers that I read regularly, so the sponsor must have paid mucho extra for the Christmas season placement!


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