Thursday, December 29, 2011

Embroidery and DIPs

I will probably be sticking to my idea of small 4 x 4" squares for the TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) challenge.  I've done one 5 x 5" square with primarily kantha stitching and liked the larger size as well.  In the end, I may decide to move from one size to the other, depending on how I feel.  I'll probably combine more than one style stitch in each block.

Another possibility has emerged in my foggy mind, but at this point, I'm leaving it as a vague idea for a completely different path.

Dolls in Progress...DIPs

Yesterday, I worked on the eccentrics...two dolls that are in the stage of becoming.  Here is one that I'm working on...
 Something weird happened when I put the glaze on the eyes, though, and the eyes are no longer green, but brown.  They were brown originally, but I decided I wanted green and painted over them.  Too bad for me because now they are brown again.
I worked on her some more last night and smoothed out the area where the neck meets the shoulders by adding a thin covering of clay over the entire shoulder area (it is still really rough in the above pic), and I added and subtracted some detail on the face.  Her neck probably won't show at all when she's dressed; her embroidered heart will be covered, too, when she gets some clothes.

 :) I like the big noses and overly large hands...they aren't "pretty" dolls;  they  have some eccentric features to match their eccentric personalities.


  1. She looks very thoughtful!

  2. Do you sell your dolls? I just discovered your blog yesterday and I'm mesmerized by those dolls!

  3. Your DIP certainly looks unique. I'm interested to see her personality grow.
    I haven't tried Kantha yet: your stitches are so nice and even.

  4. Nancy - Maybe her thoughts are about whether or not she looks good bald. :)

    sistersueb - No, I don't sell them, but I love making them. I've been working on this group for several months. I'm glad you like them!

    Suztats - She will be getting some hair soon. Her clothes will take a lot longer!

    I'm not sure why I love kantha so much, but it is really restful stitching.

  5. Jen, you may think she isn't pretty, but I think she's beautiful!

  6. Thanks, Deb! Somehow the less classically correct characters have more appeal to me, so I'm glad you think she's beautiful in her own way!


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