Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIPs and Off to Baton Rouge

Some new attempts at eco prints hanging up to dry.  Both are new versions of previous complete failures.  The prints at least show up on these.
Above--started working on another patchwork of scrap samples.

We will be leaving shortly for Baton Rouge to see our two oldest grandchildren, our red-headed daughter, and to have Thanksgiving.  

What is going on with Blogger (or my computer) now?  Some more weird stuff going on...


  1. I love these cloths. I've yet to decide what I want to do with the ones I've dyed. I like the collage idea. Have an enjoyable visit with loved ones.

  2. I really like the work you've done with your fabrics. These collages are really inspiring, JenClair. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family.

  3. Nancy - Thanks! The patchwork and embroidery of the samples is an enjoyable occupation, and since all of these pieces are small, one of the better options. :)

    Mary - Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving! I'm tired right now (just got back from Baton Rouge)and need some down time with this kind of embroidery. It soothes me to be able to meander randomly over the cloth.

    Debra - Thanks, you! And thanks so much for purchasing my little Alzheimer's quilt!


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