Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treat

I had lots of candy, but very few trick or treaters last night.  I've been steadfastly working my way through the left over stuff.  The little people who did come were adorable and so well-mannered.  One little guy was much more interested in Edgar who was perched on the chest in the foyer.

I'm not sure why he was so interested in Edgar, as his mother had an adorable French bull dog puppy (with bat wings) on a leash.

My hat got plenty of compliments, and I thoroughly enjoyed our few visitors.  Unfortunately, today is the day when all of the Halloween decorations must begin to come down.  Not nearly as much fun taking them down.
Dolls in progress.  Seems like they have been in progress forever.


  1. I love the posing the gal in the jar is puttin' on! TA-DA Look at Me!!!!

  2. Jenclaire, glad everyone loved your new hat-I thought it was fabulous!! The new dolls look like they will be wonderful too!!

  3. Nancy - Exactly! It wasn't my original intention for it to look that way, but she seems to have developed a definite ego!

    Sherri - It was funny the way the mothers reacted to the hat. One admitted that she will be making one for next year. :)

  4. We had only one group of trick or treaters this year, mainly cute little witches. I'm not surprised the little boy was interested in Edgar. Look at his eyes. He's such a beautiful cat.

  5. I had hoped for more children, but the ones who came were so cute.

    If only Edgar's manners matched his looks!


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