Sunday, November 27, 2011

Take A Stitch Tuesday 2012 Challenge

With Debra's encouragement, I've joined the TAST Challenge (Take a Stitch Tuesday).  I'm hoping for the best in my participation-- maybe I'll do a better job about posting  my results than I do in book challenges. (I always complete the book challenges, but don't always post on the link sites.  Good intentions, but poor follow-through on the posting.)

Although I have several books on embroidery, I tend to use the same stitches over and over. My favorite?  Kantha stitches--love the simplicity of the simple running stitch.  There are plenty of variations of Kantha stitching, but I don't use as many as I should.  Other favorite stitches are buttonhole, backstitch, and stem stitches.  Sometimes I venture out and make an effort to use other stitches, but I always come back to the simplest stitches.
Above, more eco dyed scraps and failed eco prints pieced together, wrinkled, crinkled, pleated,  tortured, manipulated, and embroidered.  I love doing this while watching television.

Maybe the TAST Challenge will be a way to move into a greater variety of stitches.  Debra has created a blog for a group of us who have joined the challenge:  The Tuesday Stitchers; there are no posts yet, but I'll post a link when things get going.  The group members will be participating in either  the TAST 2012 Challenge or the Crazy Quilt Journal...or both.

More at Stitchin' Fingers on the TAST Challenge.  If you enjoy hand embroidery, take a look at the links and join up.

Do you enjoy hand embroidery?  What do you think?  Interested?


  1. Your stitches are lovely, Jenclair. I am finding it so difficult at the moment to cut/rip into my eco printed fabrics. Usually this is not the case, but for some reason lately, it is... must get over this! Have fun with your stitching!

  2. I bet you are going to go miles with the challenges!

  3. Valerie - :) You have gotten better results than I have and most of my pieces have pretty small to begin with so cutting them down (or ripping them up) hasn't been much of a problem.

    Debra - Well, I hope so. The smaller group should be an incentive.

  4. I used to do alot of crewel embroidery and counted cross-stitch on 38 count linen. I have switched over to knitting though right now. I used to quilt also. I might get back into these projects but for right now just knitting :)! You stitches are lovely!

  5. Sherri - Yes, your knitting is lovely, and I understand the way that one interest always seems to take precedence. You've got to wait for the mood to get you involved again, but the TAST Challenge doesn't begin until January...just in case your are in need of a new project around then!

    Both knitting and embroidery are good for keeping the hands busy and the blood pressure low! :)

  6. I used to do crewel embroidery. Remember when that was so popular? Good luck with the challenge. It really is amazing how many variations there are on some of the stitches.

  7. Kay - I'd still love to do some crewel work. I remember wanting to, but at the time, I was still teaching (and preparing and grading)and found little time for sewing or embroidery.

    It IS amazing the number of variations that can result from one stitch!

  8. This is going to be fun!

  9. Suz - I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thinking about just working with some small blocks and deciding what to do with them later.


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