Thursday, November 03, 2011

Light and Shadow

Edgar lazes in the sun.  No, I haven't gotten all of the Halloween stuff put away yet.  Note to self:  Quit Procrastinating!
 I've been working on this piece of habotai silk with some pearl cotton.  Just folding and gathering and wandering around with abandon while watching re-runs of The Guardian on Netflix.
 It is a peaceful activity that requires no mental effort at all.  Moodling.  Happy idling.

We got a little rain last night and it is much cooler this morning.  :)  Very fall-like.  I'm loving this cooler weather!

Danny isn't coming today to work on the laundry room, which is absolutely fine, because I can do without the noise, AND he has my washer and dryer hooked back up so I can wash clothes.  :)

I'm going to do a little housework (very little), some more research on eco dyeing, and play upstairs in my studio.  A good day!


  1. Have fun playing in your studio!! I'm going to do that on Saturday! I wish it was Saturday today-LOL!!

  2. Sherri - Retirement is wonderful! Know you'll have fun on Saturday!

  3. I disagree. Take a lesson from Edgar--Find a sunbeam, curl up and doze. Procrastinate away.

  4. :) He is one self-satisfied cat...maybe I should take a lesson from Edgar.

  5. Ohhh, I want to rub that kitty belly! And, yes, Edgar has the right idea =-)

  6. Debby - He is such a baby and just can't get enough attention. Once you start rubbing that kitty belly, he doesn't want to let you stop!


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