Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hate the New Lightbox Feature?

Michelle at with-heart-and-hands has posted a tutorial on how to disable the new lightbox feature:

If you have noticed, and hated, the new blog Light Box...where instead of opening and enlarging a photo, you suddenly see a center box photo with little other photos down below from the can disable it and revert back to your previous photo viewing.

Here are the instructions for disabling that photo feature and returning things back to the old version. (and thanks to everyone who has previously mentioned this and reminded me I should mention it too!)

1. Log into your blog via your Dashboard

2. Click on Settings

3. Select the Formatting tab

4. Scroll down and look for 'Showcase Images with Lightbox'

5. Select "NO"

6. Save settings

A pretty easy fix...thanks, again, Michelle.

I finally got some decent leaf prints on a sleeveless top that I didn't wear but once this past summer.  It isn't great, but all of the leaves except the ginko made an impression.  It was first dyed yellow with turmeric, then I tried bundling it with leaves and simmering in a coffee dye.  Not sure what I'll do with it next...leave it or keep working for something I like better.
Right now, it is hanging out to dry.


  1. Thanks for this info. I do hate that lovely new "feature."


  2. Lovely dyed top. Thanks for the the explanation on how to fix the new lightbox feature.

  3. i hate that feature too, but i don't use blogger. lovely top!

  4. And I went back to add:
    **At someone else's blog and don't like their Light Box view of a photo they've posted? Right click with your mouse and then click on 'view image' and you can still view a pop up original photo window. A few more steps..but at least you may be happier taking a closer look ;)

  5. You have made my night!! I have not liked that new feature at all, but when I went to the help conversation...they did not offer this simple solution. Thank you so much!

  6. Kathy - I haven't heard any body say that they are really happy with this feature. As Michelle mentions, there are some advantages, but I still wanted to get rid of it.

    Valerie - Thanks, the top has the best prints I've gotten so far! Glad the explanation on lightbox worked for you.

    jude - Most of us want the opportunity to enlarge pics a bit. :)

    Michele - Yes! That will be very useful. Thanks, Michelle.

    Nancy - Michelle says to feel free to copy the tutorial from her blog and post it yourself. :)


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