Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday & Saturday

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge with Erin, Mila, and Max.  Eric and Katerina joined us for the Thanksgiving meal, and there was, as usual, more food than could possibly be eaten.  Not that I didn't give it my best shot.  :)

The trip down on Wednesday was hectic because of all of the RVs and other folk headed down early for the LSU/Arkansas game today.  The traffic on the bridge Wednesday afternoon went back for miles.  We changed our plan, reversed course, and went by the old bridge which was obviously the better choice.

The kids stayed with us at the hotel Wednesday night, and we thoroughly enjoyed having them with us.  Thursday morning, we all went to Erin's to help with preparations.

Eric brought a chocolate cake, fresh from the oven, and Max and Mila  decorated it.

Mila did the turkey; Max did the blue sky.

We all admired their creative touch to the chocolate cake!

Saturday:  LSU beat Arkansas in an exciting game yesterday.  Fee watched the game.  I played in the studio.

I haven't really been in the mood to work on the dolls lately, and I have so many in the works.  Maybe it is because I have so many in progress, or maybe it is that I've spent a lot of time trying to get some decent results from the eco dyeing, but the dolls continue to just sit around.  At least I've made some progress in dressing this Izannah Walker-inspired black and white lady.

Two of my little ---Alzheimer's quilts sold in Houston, and Debra just bought the third one!  My thanks to Debra and to all of those who have bought the AAQI quilts and have helped raise money for research!


  1. Sounds like a nice holiday filled with warm food, family & stitches.

  2. Nancy - Yes, the best kind of holiday!


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