Sunday, November 06, 2011

Chaos in Action

Fee bought me a new lens for my camera-- a 35 mm, f 1.8-- an early birthday gift!  I've been playing with it and hope to make the most of it on our trip.

A little fabric play.  Exaggeration.  I spent most of the day playing with fabric.  Dyed and embroidered.
 Above, silk habotai , unbleached muslin, and flour sacking dyed with cranberry juice.  We had an old bottle of unsweetened cranberry juice, and I decided to try it with a few scraps.
 Below, some garden pics.  It is a little overcast this morning.
Cold bundles from the last few days.  Silk scraps with onion skins, leaves, spinach.
And a few shots from the studio.

 Moodling on this piece continues.  Used new lens; the new lens is perfect for some things, but may not be the best choice for detail pics like this because of blur characteristic.  Still, I have a lot to learn about lens choice.

Actually, I finished the entire strip; it is embroidered from top to bottom; need to get a shot of the entire thing.

 What to do with it?  Always my problem.  I like the fun of  playing, but rarely consider before hand the purpose or how I might incorporate the finished piece.  Maybe just the calm and pleasure of taking stitch after stitch is enough...

 I've been auditioning fabrics for this lady.  She's hung around in her knickers for too long.
 Stinker on the step ladder.  A wonderful cat toy.

Since I spent most of yesterday playing, I guess I'd better get busy with what needs to be done before we leave tomorrow morning.

How has your weekend been?


  1. Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to get another lens for my camera. And I love your garden--all lovely colors and texture!

  2. Hmm, I'm jealous...not that a new camera lens can help me. What I think I need is tripod: my hands are so unsteady when holding a camera.

    Love the pot of blue flowers. Wish my garden was so pretty. You've taken such good photos that it feels like I can touch the leaves!

  3. Linzee = Thanks! We arrived here in Chapel Hill yesterday, and I realized my camera battery was almost dead. Didn't bring my re-charger, so had to go buy one today. I really want to use my new lens for some shots here!

    Mary -- I looked at some tiny tripods today in the camera shop. Didn't buy one, but I think I will soon!

  4. Just love the cream colored hand embroidered fabric! Maybe you can somehow use it with your doll that has been hanging around in her knickers. If not, just keep working and someday the muse will hit you and you will find a use for it.

  5. The moodling piece is lovely. I know so well the "what to do with it" question. I have one with the same problem.

  6. Carla - I am thinking about using the moodling piece(s) in some of the doll wardrobes. Moodling is such a pleasant activity, I need to be able to use the results. :)

    Deb - Thanks!

    Kay - A lot of things we do are experimental, and sometimes, it takes quite a while to decide on a purpose or a place to use the experiments!


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