Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Check the tutorial for one of the cutest Halloween costumes I've seen this year.  This is the work of Lindsay at Diary of a Crafty Lady .  Creating a costume about a child's favorite book or movie works in so many ways.

I also discovered a new favorite crafty blog:  Diary of a Crafty Lady is full of creative inspiration.  Her Cowgirl Jesse costume  gives just a taste of the Lady's talents.

I wish I'd kept track of the costumes I've seen based on a favorite book or movie.  There are some cute and creative ones out there.

This mobile is such a terrific combination of fun, recycling, and creativity, as well as being a child friendly project:
Check the tutorial at Happy Clippings.

 I've quite fallen in love with Emmy the Great.   She wrote Mistress England for all the mothers of daughters of a certain age who were disappointed when  Prince William married Kate.  The hopes for their daughters ended with the Royal Wedding.

Yesterday, we planted pansies and mums.  My back is giving me a twinge or two this morning.

How was your weekend?


  1. Jenclair, I love the bat and ghost mobile, just great!! That cowgirl costume is just beautiful!!

  2. I'd forgotten how versatile egg cartons are! Really cute!

  3. Sherri - Both of these ideas tickled me! They are creative and fun. :)

    Debra - I like the cardboard ones best. So many crafty possibilities; but I love the way she painted the leaves into ghosts, too. They are so expressive.

  4. I was bummed that DD (age 27) was here with me in NY while Harry (also age 27!) was in San Diego last week...hahaha! Looks like he had fun anyway =-) My friend always said her DD (same age as mine)was going to marry Prince William...I lost track of my friend over the years but I bet she had that twinge of disappointment on the wedding day =-) I love Emmy the Great's voice!

  5. DebbyMc - :) And Harry is so cute! I think this song is so funny, so psuedo-serious. I love Emmy's voice, too.

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my costume! I am very proud of it:)
    Hope you have a fun and happy Halloween!


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