Friday, October 21, 2011

Links and BAD Cat!

 I've mentioned The Prayer Flag project before, and when I get some of my current  done, I want to make some of these.  I love the inspiration behind all of these projects.

Jane LaFazio keeps adding to her Prayer Flags.

And the Bhavana Project's Prayer Flags can't be forgotten.  Bhavana can mean intention, becoming, meditation, even attitude.  The yoga tradition I follow includes forming a bhavana at the beginning of each practice.  These bhavanas have been turned into prayer flags.

In the same vein,  Valerie Kamikubo's Thankfulness Installation.  Looking at Valerie's weekly additions always cheers me.

O.K.--now to complain.  The Triad.  Most particularly, Edgar.  Why can't he leave anything alone?  Here he is on a shelf I never expected him to be able to access.  I think he used the mantle as a means to his end.

I bought that bowl and pitcher at the Peden's Antique Shop outside of Ruston, LA nearly 40 years ago.     I really don't want to lose it.  Bless their hearts, Mr. and Mrs. Peden let us put a table on lay-away because we couldn't afford to buy it outright.  I bought pieces of Depression glass there for 50 cents.  Now, I wish I'd bought a lot more!


  1. Maybe it's time to put treasures like your bowl and pitcher behind glass in a cupboard.

  2. :) I don't have a place for a cupboard. Maybe if I feed Edgar enough, he'll get to fat to jump and climb!

  3. Edgar looks like he's doing a bit of a ballet in your last photo. Clearly, I think that he's claimed his spot. Thanks so much for the mention, Jenclair. Hmmm, maybe if you got him his own cat tree...

  4. Oh that little devil Edgar!! I can't believe he got all the way up there. Atleast the rest of the Triad didn't try to follow suit! Have a great weekend Jenclair!

  5. Valerie - Edgar can be quite delicate when he chooses. He has a cat tree, but then again, he has the entire house. His sisters are a bit better behaved!

    Sherri - For a while, his favorite spot was the cabinet over the computer desk where I keep books that I've reviewed. I've had a few on my head. He does test my patience. :P

  6. I love, love, love prayer flags. Have lots of faded Tibetan ones and the ones I made and left outside in a remembrance tree. They were part of a silk scarf painting project and cut into prayer flags. Between the wind and the birds..who just loved them..they fulfilled their true purpose and have since disappeared through the veil between maya and nirvana. I started a new set a while back and am still having fun with those.

    And I was just at Jane's site (and others) yesterday being reinspired!

  7. Michele - I love prayer flags, too--physical and spiritual beauty. Having a remembrance tree is a great idea, Michele. I may use that when I get some prayer flags done. Looking forward to seeing your new set of flags!

  8. Edgar looks in great shape. :-) He's so handsome up there, really.
    Thanks for the links.

  9. Francoise -- Edgar takes gymnastics--he ought to be in great shape. He is always practicing! :)


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