Sunday, October 16, 2011

Idea Overload

My head is so full of ideas right now that I'm almost stalled.  Which current project to work on, which new ideas to work on, which fabrics, which technique....

I've got 3 figures in the works, but I really want to begin on some new ideas.

A case of crafting ADD--a flood of possibilities-- to the point that choosing where to begin is a problem.

Black cat is pretty much finished.  Here he is in process.

Haven't been able to decide what he will hold in his hand.  I tried a few things made from last year's Halloween Tree, but I guess I might have to make something else.  I used an old grater for the base, and had to seal it well because of the rust.


  1. Take a deep breath and relax. All those great ideas can wait their turn!

  2. Hi Jenclair,
    Sorry I've missed you for a few days. I've been sick and busy, but I'm back now and feeling much better.

    Love the black cat. It's amazing what the paint did for him! I find jotting down the new ideas so I don't lose them and finishing one or two current projects a good way to ease my overload. Sometimes I'll even clean the studio to get a fresh start! Maybe that will work for you or just do whatever you fancy at the time.

  3. Debra - Have done some deep breathing. Now, to tackle projects one at a time!

    Mary - Glad that you are feeling better!

    :) I'm always amazed at what a little paint can do. I do jot down my ideas, but sometimes I have trouble focusing on the current idea. Cleaning the studio is really a priority right now!


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