Saturday, October 29, 2011

Forty Years and Counting

Today is our 40th anniversary!  Hard to believe we've been married for 40 years.  It's a real milestone.  I wanted to get married on Halloween, but Halloween was on a Sunday that year, so we got married on Friday, the 29th.

Last night we had our anniversary dinner at L'Italiano.  He had the veal; I had eggplant parmigiana (because I can never get enough eggplant).  Coffee and cheesecake for dessert.  Delicious.

When we got home, Fee gave me a witch's hat.  Not just any old witch's hat, but a gorgeous, wonderful witch's hat!

  I look a little stunned and my bangs are pretty squashed, but isn't it a gorgeous hat?

Tonight we will be keeping Bryce Eleanor, which is why we celebrated last night.

We will get the little darlin' around noon today.  There will be a little window and grocery shopping.  Maybe a visit to a park; we'll see.

Still working on five dolls at once.  I move from one to another.  The Izzanah Walker style doll still needs some clothing, but at least I've finished her knickers (although things are just pinned in the picture).  This is the 4th pattern I've made for these dolls, and I made the arms and legs a different style from the others.

I had one experiment on the other doll heads go terribly wrong.  Using the sheer bamboo cloth as a "skin" worked beautifully, but using a paper version meant I had to scrape off glue and paper for an hour at least.  Particularly frustrating because head was already sewn to neck and neck to torso; arms had been sewn on, too. I might have tossed the head, but too much time had gone into the completing all the other parts and sewing them together, so I scraped and scraped.  Now, I'm thinking that if things don't improve, maybe I'll just cut off her head (shades of Marie Antoinette) and make another head.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary! 40, well, wow! =-) We've been married 34.5...I feel like I have always been married...haha...

  2. Congratulations! Yes, 40 years is definitely a milestone!

  3. Happy anniversary! And what a wonderful hat!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I love your beautiful witches hat, and your doll.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Happy, Happy, Happy 4oth to you! Wow! Congrats!
    LOVE the hat! You are too cute. :)

  6. Thanks, ladies! It has been a good run, and I'm grateful!

  7. Happy anniversary!! And congratulations.
    Your hat is amazing. Will you wear it tomorrow?

  8. That is one awesome hat! And Happiest of Anniversaries! I don't have a hat but I do have a sign that says 'If the Broom Fits, Ride It.'...and I do ;)

  9. Happy 40th to you and yours Jenclaire!! I love, love, love the witches hat you hubby gave you!!

  10. Francoise - I've been wearing it around the house just for the pleasure of it! I'll certainly be wearing it for Halloween!

    Michele - Isn't it an awesome hat? He bought one for each of our daughters, too.

    I think I should make some signs with witchy sayings, like "If the Broom Fits" -- So Mote It Be!

    Sherrie - Thanks, Sherri!


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