Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bone Jour

I got the best Halloween card ever in yesterday's mail!  From Mila and Max with a nice long note from each (Mila wrote Max's) and a note from their mom, the card lifted my spirits and is now on display.   On the outside, the card says "Bone Jour," and on the inside, "that's skeleton for Happy Halloween!"  I especially like this because Mila and Max are half French  on their dad's side.

Performed my civic duty this morning and voted.  Turn out isn't expected be great, but there were quite a few people in line when we got there.  The wait wasn't too long, though, which was good.

I stayed in the studio almost all day yesterday.  Painted figures, tea dyed some cloth, made knickers for a nameless doll, made a bunch of doll heads.  Lost a hand.  I've looked and looked for that hand.  Where the heck did it disappear to?   It is a little more than an inch long--small, but not minuscule.  A puzzle.  I'll probably find it once I've made another.   

Edgar and I are still going round and round.  He's bad, I'm mad; he's sweet, I'm suckered in again.  He is quite the charming con man.

Little Stinker is in my lap right now; she must know that Edgar is on the outs.   Good cat.

I've been having some problems lately with blogs that I've subscribed to on my Google Reader not showing up.  Of course, I don't notice at first, then suddenly a post shows up, and I discover that I've missed quite a few posts.  Annoying.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm pretty sure that card should be on permanent display in your studio!

  2. Blogger must be fiddling around with things again. I've been having problems with a blank screen when I'm posting and click on "Preview" ... it's there for a second or two and then poof it's gone.

  3. Love that card, "Bone Jour" indeed!

    Blogger is buggering me, also. I guess someone is tinkering around.

    You know, when I lose something, I just go ahead and replace it somehow. It will not show up till I do anyway, so why fight it?

  4. Debra - :) I agree!

    Connie - Frustrating when these hiccups occur! Make you realize how much we take for granted!

    Mary - I gave up on the hand and made another one. Wonder what I'll lose next!


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