Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some New Dolls

I've been working on some new dolls, cloth with clay over the cloth heads in the manner of Izannah Walker dolls and inspired by many doll makers.

Here are Harriet and Matilda.  There is a little painted lace around the neckline and the sleeves.
Harriet and Matilda must be sisters, as they look so much alike.

Rosemary and Agnes are in the works.  I like the way the crackle turned out on these.

Before starting this group of dolls, I did a thorough re-organization / cleaning of the studio.  It is already a mess again!


  1. Hi Jenclair, it's good to hear from you! These dolls are just fabulous. I like the look of the clay and the crackle finish on their faces. It gives them an aged look, which really fits their body shapes.

    I agree that they could be sisters....happy sisters who live near each other and are friends besides!

  2. Oh!! LOVVVVVVVE these! LOVE!

  3. Thanks, Mary! The crackle does simulate age, doesn't it? Yes, I think Harriet and Matilda are happy sisters, good friends, and quilting buddies!

    Debby - :) Thanks, you! It is good to get back to some creative endeavors!

  4. Love the look of the new dolls~that crackle finish! Looks like Scotland was fabulous, beautiful photos. And your Labor Day was much drier than ours. This cool weather is very inspiring too. (Mostly for cooking and eating!!!) Enjoy your week!

  5. I just love your dolls and especially these sisters. Well done!

  6. SueSue--Thanks! Scotland was beautiful and so much fun. We left temperatures of 109 degrees and spent time in temps with highs in the 60's--fabulous. Right now, we are loving the cooler temps here at home, and yes, cooler weather is inspiring!

    Connie--Thanks, Connie! I have such a good time making them. Time flies by for days on end.

  7. So sweet! Love their names...they fit them well!

  8. Thanks, Debra! Working on two more right now.

    Nancy - :) I like old-fashioned names! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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