Thursday, September 29, 2011

Since Edgar knocked over and broke the vase that held this Halloween arrangement ( I hated to lose that vase, but E. was after a moth), I had to come up with another way to display the twigs, etc.  I found some delicate little napkins I'd bought with crafting in mind almost a year ago and Modge Podged them onto a terra cotta pot, then re-assembled my arrangement inside.

I really liked the way the clay pot turned out, and the cost couldn't have been more than 3-4 dollars; the napkins probably cost more than the pot.  I've always liked the way crumpled tissue paper sealed with Modge Podge looks, so the napkins were an easy way to adorn the plain pot.

The little Halloween quilts I made several years ago have gone back up on the brick wall.  I've got lots of fall and Halloween fabric left, so I should make some more of these little quilts; they were fun.

I thought I'd have one or both of the dolls I've been working on completed, but I ended up being side-tracked several times yesterday, and I'm not  pleased with what little work did manage to get done on them.  In fact, the pumpkin head doll I've just about given up on.  There was a reason that pumpkin head remained without a body for so long...

Hope you are having a great day!

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  1. Jenclair, how creative of you to fix the clay pot like that! I love it! I love that wallhanging you made (the 2nd one in the post)with the little witch on it-how cute!!

  2. Everything looks real nice, Jenclair! I want to come to your house and bob for apples. You'll make caramel popcorn, won't you?

  3. I love that napkins can come t the rescue like this. The arrangement is lovely.

  4. Sherri- Such a quick and easy fix to make a plain pot a little more attractive! Thanks--I really enjoyed making the little Halloween quilts.

    Rian - Come on over, and we'll make kids bob for the apples while we sip wine and eat caramel corn!

    Valerie - Aaack! Edgar just brought me the black crow that WAS in the arrangement!

  5. Oh Jenclair, that pot is just stunning! You are so creative and such an eye for detail. You must tell Edgar that the crow is tasteless, that might help. Have a great weekend!

  6. Mary - Thanks! And I told Edgar, but before I got up this morning, he tried again. Cats!

    BTW - Your blog feed isn't showing up in my Google Reader--in fact, I've noticed that several blogs haven't been showing up!


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