Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Team Won!

In a surprising upset, Hotai and the Foo Dogs won the Shreveport 2011 Dragon Boat Races.  I still can't get over the big hearts of these first timers, who beat the two-time defending champions, the Blazing Infernos (Fire Dept. crew - to whom we all owe our gratitude for their service).  Our crew included family friends, Air Force guys, and Sports Spectrum.  Only 8 were able to make the first practice, so for most of the crew, it was the first time in a dragon boat, and for the rest, only the second.
One of the earlier races.  I didn't get a picture of the final race.

Team Captain Chris Chandler, our terrific SIL, recruited and organized our crew.  Did he do a good job, or what?   These guys gave everything they had and ended up with the best time of the day.

 There were 28 crews giving their all Saturday.  The Blazing Infernos, the Texas Tornadoes, St. Joseph's Catholic Church were the leaders early in the day, but as the day went on things began to shift.

  In the final race, The Foo Dogs, The Blazing Infernos, and The Texas Tornadoes were so close that they had to examine the finish frame by frame.

Niece Katie and Amelia:

 Bryce Eleanor playing with her new friend, who liked the chocolate ice cream on her face.
 Ashley and Paddie:
 Bryce Eleanor (after playing in the fountains), Amelia, and Paddie.

It was a grand day!

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