Friday, September 30, 2011

Her Name Is Boo

Boo is a cloth doll with a clay face.  Eventually, she will have a partner, Bitter, but I haven't begun him yet.

 I loved deciding on the embellishments for Boo, and they changed daily for a while.

She was fun to make, and I'm eager to begin her little partner.  I aged the fabric with Kahlua coffee and cinnamon, and when I pressed the fabric, the entire studio smelled good.  :)

Hope you are having a great Friday!


  1. You are making great progress turning your house into fall. I don't feel so inspired. Love your dolls, every one of them!

  2. Love the new job Jenclair! You are so talented!

  3. Debra - I'm not sure why I get so excited about this season. Maybe it is just getting over the wilted feeling of all the summer heat!

    Thanks, Sherri!


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