Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dolls and the Symphony

I'm calling this lady done.  I've added the skirt and embellishments (and may add more beads if I feel like it, but essentially, she is done.  Although she did not turn out to be The Gatherer, I certainly benefited from Cindee Moyer's online class.  I learned several new tricks that will be useful in the future.

Fee and I went to the opening of the Shreveport Symphony season with Marty and Robin last night.  Zuil Bailey, the cellist, and David Amram were just wonderful guest artists.  The symphony and Michael Butterman were also terrific, as always.

I must watch David Amram:  The First 80 Years!  He was so much fun, so full of energy and enthusiasm!


  1. I love the new doll Jenclair! I'm glad you enjoyed the symphony!

  2. Thanks, Sherri! The symphony was great, and we all had a good meal and a good time!

  3. Aaah, beautiful doll! And I just LOVE cello music (as well as violin, of course!)

  4. Connie - I'm glad you like the doll. I'm pleased with the way she turned out--especially after the way she began!

    I love the cello best, I think, but the violin overtakes it at times.

  5. Oh, she is a beauty! Very sophisticated! Great job!


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