Monday, September 26, 2011

Decorations in the Works

Still working on the other two dolls and hope to finish Boo today.  Here she is in her early stages.  Boo is another doll that evolved from one idea to another, but I'm liking her evolution as she has become more fun with each step.

I have so many projects that I want to begin, but I've got to get through some of the ones still in progress first.

Fall and Halloween ideas lead to serious ADD problems.  While waiting for something to dry, I begin working on something else.  Then... I kind of get lost in all of the diverging ideas.

The rag banner (with skeletons that I bought at Michael's and then found at Dollar Tree :/) is finished and hangs below the mantle.

The entry has some decorations now.  The picture I got at Michael's is in the normal view.
I love the way it switches to the skeletons when you move.

I had the pumpkin last year, just added the bow and the owl.
I'm still having fun making stuff and getting out last year's Halloween decorations.

My friend Thomas has christened the cage doll in the previous post.  She is now Zarra Gilderoy.  :)

I've been participating in Daily Challenge for Every Day Well-Being for several days now and enjoying it.

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Cute ideals! Thanks for sharing,JoAnn

  2. That's a way-cool pumpkin, but the rag banner is just about the darlingest thing I ever did see!

  3. I've forgotten where I got that pumpkin, but I love it. Can't get much easier than a rag banner, and the skellies came from Michael's...but I found them later for a dollar at Dollar Tree!


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