Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crafty Shopping

Yesterday, I went to Michael's and to JoAnn's and bought more than I intended.  It happens.  The coupons don't count for much when everything you buy is on sale!

I loved the picture that I got from Michael's.  One view--a vintage family photo; the other, if you move just slightly, a skeletal view.  It amuses me, so I've been standing in front of it and swaying right and left.  A little creepy, but fun.
 I got the paper mache skull at Michael's and the new Halloween fabric at JoAnn's.  The bowl, which has been on the table a couple of days holds my apples.  Whenever, I'm a little hungry, I just grab an apple.  Looks like I need to get some more-- bowl is getting low!
The other day when I was making the fabric pumpkins (which are such fun and so fast), I cut a large circle of burlap, gathered a strip of Halloween fabric, and sewed it on.  Easy, peasy.  Put my apples in the bowl--a little table addition.

What else?  I also got some wooden rounds that I plan to use for the latest doll, a skeleton garland, an owl, a crow, a new hydrangea stem in a burgundy color....

I've also placed another order with Amazon for couple of mixed media books. As if I don't have enough projects in the works...I need to go upstairs and get busy!

What's on your agenda for today?


  1. Fun fun fun. Busy hands are happy hands, ya know. Can't wait to see what characters emerge from your happy hands.

  2. You are so right about busy hands! It is so much fun to be in the mood to create!

  3. I don't think I could handle that vintage photo! It's more than a little creepy. :-) I bet you'd love the bowl I saw last year with the skeleton hand that slaps you when you take a candy! It was funny after the first shock.

    Love that table circle and bowl of apples. That slapping hand would keep the bowl full a bit longer.

  4. Oh, Mary, I love it! But it is a little creepy.

    I'd love the hand that slaps you when you take a candy, too. It would help keep my apple bowl full longer!


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