Friday, July 22, 2011

The Weeks Just Fly By

I'm still having some bouts of anxiety.  Thought things would have improved by now, after getting back on my thyroid meds, but yoga seems to be the only thing that relieves the tension when the anxiety gets too high.

 This has been a good week even with the episodes of anxiety.  I finished the third AAQI quilt.  Lots of seed stitching instead of normal quilting was also a good antidote for the episodes.  Stitching helps me keep my monkey mind in a more meditative state and lets me work on my breathing.

The center embroidery piece was something I worked for a long time a year or so ago with no purpose in mind, so I decided to make use of it.  The bright threads represent the good memories that are being lost and covered by the black netting; fading, but still there underneath the AD plaques and tangles.

Some of the Good Things:
  • B.E.'s visit
  • my pretty oil cloth arrived (love it)
  • two visits with my SIL
  • looking forward to Max's 5th birthday, and Fee has his Spiderman bike in the truck
  • Fee replaced the latch handle on the back door with a round knob (which prevents Lucy from hanging on the latch and opening the door, letting the Triad outside)
  • finished the third AAQI quilt
  • organized some of the fabric that had gotten spread out all over
  • got a new journal that I really like (the last one went from Oct. 2008-July 2011; I have several different journals, but I buy big artist sketchbooks for the daily journal)
  • got the beds cleaned out and pine straw put in; big improvement in appearance 
  • I love the color in this portulaca 
     The cheerful oil cloth brightens my mood.  The new journal and reading material are covering it up; should have straightened things before taking the picture.
    What have you been up to this week?  What projects have you begun or been thinking about?


    1. Hi Jenclair! I hope your anxiety goes away. My new project is making a scarf for Megan (my oldest daughter) for Christmas. The yarn is different than anything I have ever worked with. It actually makes ruffles! I will have to post it on my blog when I'm done. Have a good weekend! I like your list!

    2. Jenclair, I have anxiety, also. I take meds for it, which helps but quilting is one activity that really helps. Hang in there.

      The oil cloth is beautiful. I'm working on another AAQI quilt before leaving for a workshop on Sunday. I'll post asap.

      Hope you're back to your old quilty self soon.

    3. Sherri - Looking forward to the pictures of your new project. I'm sure the yarn is beautiful and ruffles on anything are wonderful!

      Mary - I take meds for anxiety, too, but think when I got off my thyroid meds for several days, I confused my system! This is the first time in a long time, I've had such a long spell; much better this morning.

      I got confused on the number of the AAQI quilts...this latest one is # 4. I think I'll get back to doll making soon.

      Have a great time at the workshop!

    4. I love your newest little piece--very thought-provoking.

    5. I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety problem, and glad that you seem to be better. I find that walking is the best thing for me when I have that problem, and walking fast.

      The stitching is lovely; something good came out of the trouble, didn't it?

    6. Love your new little quilt, especially the seed stitches. I agree they are soothing. I hope you feel better soon.

    7. Debra - Thanks! I was glad to have a use for that piece of embroidery!

      Kay - Both yoga and walking help, especially because of the breathing. And keeping the mind on something as elemental as seed stitches has always been a pleasure.

      Francoise - Thanks, Francoise! I've enjoyed working with fabric again after a long hiatus. I'm contemplating some fabric dyeing; I always love your hand-dyed pieces.


    Good to hear from you!