Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 While we were in Memphis, we had breakfast two mornings in a little place across the street from the Peabody, the Cockadoos.  What we loved about it was the atmosphere, the cozy feeling -- and an excellent, inexpensive breakfast.  The waitresses were friendly and efficient.
And the bright, cheerful oilcloth tablecloths!  Sitting at such a colorful table lifted my spirits both mornings.  Guests from the Peabody and locals mixed in this small, cozy setting.

Yesterday, I ordered some oilcloth for our patio table, knowing that the the colors would continue to have a positive effect on me.  I would be reminded of the charm and Southern hospitality of our breakfasts there and appreciate the cheery color on our own patio.

 :) Yes, they are bright!  And since I had such a difficult time deciding on patterns, I selected two. 

Possibly, I'll make two tablecloths, or some place mats, or ...something else.  Whatever turns out will make me smile.

Suggestions for using oilcloth, anyone? 

So what else is going on around here?  Well, during some yard work in which I was weeding and looking for poison ivy to poison, I evidently wasn't as careful as I could have been. 

Now, trying to combat the itching on my left wrist and right ankle seems to take an awful lot of willpower. 
In fabric: I'm working on another small AAQI quilt. 

In clay:  Almost finished with my little fisherman.  He's dressed, and all he needs is a fishing pole.  And maybe a fish.  He has been neglected for too long.  Time to finish the little fellow.

What are you up to this week?


  1. Jenclair, there's a poison ivy wash called technu extreme available at most drugstores that works great. I'm very allergic to poison ivy and have used it several times. It stops the itching and speeds up the healing.

    The little fisherman is a cutie. I'd hang a fish on his line. He'd be much happier to have caught a nice fat fish!

  2. Hi Jen, the eatery in Memphis looks great. Vacays are nice but getting back home are even better. Can't wait to see your little fisherman :))
    Have a nice day!

  3. Mary - Thanks for the tip! The dratted stuff is on my left wrist, left little finger, and right ankle. So far, I've kept it contained, but I'll look for technu extreme...for this case and for future ones!

    Yes, I think the little fisherman should have a fish on the line!

    Connie - It is always a relief to get home, isn't it?

    I've not been very creative since getting back. Several projects are waiting for me upstairs, and I really need to get to them!

  4. No matter where you use the oilcloth it will be a good thing. I need to get some of that for my picnic table.

  5. Love those cheerful prints!

    I put a large doily on our table for the S&P tray and I like looking at it in the morning. It's in bright yellow and reminds me of the sun; although, this summer I have about had all the sun I can stand.

  6. Rian - So easy to clean up! Perfect for a picnic table!

    Debra - So many prints to choose from, so many I wanted. Isn't interesting how a little color can lift our moods? Like you, however, I've about had all the sun I can stand!


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