Saturday, July 16, 2011

B.E. Visit and New Earrings

I ordered a pair of earrings from Sherri's Etsy shop.  I LOVE them.  I wore them yesterday and put them back on today...because I love them and because the color goes so well with so many of my tops.
Thanks, Sherri, for the beautiful earrings and the quick delivery!  My pictures aren't very good, so here is one from the shop:
I've finally gotten my pics to upload to Picasa, which is a relief.

Bryce Eleanor spent Thursday night and all day Friday with us, and we had a great time.  We'd brought her some  camo ducks from the Peabody Hotel that she loved.  So we played with them in the fountain, in the dump truck, on the stairs, in the bath, and we slept with them.  Hope Mila and Max will like their gifts as well.

 As usual, she eventually sheds her dress.

Bright and early Friday morning, she decides to put her ducks (in their little plastic purse) into the cat tree.  Edgar plays with her hair as she tells him not to bother her ducks.

Last night, I finished the third little quilt for AAQI, but I'm not much pleased with it.  I'll take pics later and share them with you.


  1. She's a busy little girl, isn't she?

  2. Keeping her entertained must be's the keeping up with her that I don't think I could handle. Which would you prefer: her curiosity or her energy?

  3. Debra - Yes, she is always busy! Even when she watches The Aristocats or other DVDs, she is coloring or building or dressing/undressing dolls or flipping through books "reading" to herself. The wonderful part is that I can play with her or read my own book next to her.

    I don't have to entertain her, she entertains herself!

    Mary - I love her energy and her curiosity!

    She is, in one way, very much like me, never bored. There is always something in her imagination that she can completely submerge herself in.

    I play with fabric or clay or read--she creates scenarios with ducks or dolls or blocks, telling herself stories, creating families (always a Mommy, Daddy, and Baby).

    Her most common phrase: "Follow me, Jenny Claire."

  4. They really keep you on your toes!

  5. So glad you loved the earrings!! Wear them in good health!!!

  6. Sherri - I've worn the earrings every day since they arrived. I love the color, which is evident in my clothing choices, so the earrings go with so much!


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