Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another B.E. Tuesday

Bryce Eleanor was back ag*9i////////////////////////////////////8 (no, that wasn't me cursing, that was Edgar stepping on the keyboard)--again last night, and left this morning.  She has had a haircut and her finger and toe nails are blue. 

We still try to operate on Tuesdays, but last week Amelia had plans for Tuesday, so we switched to Thursday.  Now, we are back on schedule.


  1. Love the new haircut. what a sweet child!!

  2. You have to get up early to stay ahead of her! She's such a cute little girl!

  3. Gerrie - I like her new hair cut, too. Much less hair to get into her food!

    Debra - Yep, she's a go-getter and it takes some effort to keep up!

  4. She's just so darling. Love that cute haircut.

  5. Thanks, Mary. She is a character, and we love having her near enough to visit frequently.

    Our weekly sessions began when Chris was in Iraq, and we could give Amelia a weekly break. When Chris got back, we just kept the weekly visits.

  6. I can tell how much you enjoy B.E. with y'all~she's so sweet looking. My grands give me so much joy too. They're so funny, especially when they're together!

    Love the small quilts. e.e. cummings is one of my fave poets and that poem most particularly. It was one I had saved from a magazine and then found out it was my little sisters (whom I lost) favorite one too. I posted a pic of a heart I made to represent it just this morning.

    Hope you stay cool until your vacation. The humidity is just unbelievable lately!! suesue

  7. Cute pictures of B.E. I like her haircut too. My GD has almost the same one now, but her hair is darker.

  8. suesueb - Yes, grandchildren are a great means of gathering joy!

    cummings has always been a favorite of mine, too. So many lines from his poems resonate in a special way with people.

    Francoise - It is so interesting to see the changes in children this age--haircuts, height, weight. They grow up, slim down, become more articulate. So many changes to keep up with!


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