Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm having such fun with the Alzheimer's Art quilts!  I haven't done any quilting in such a long time, nearly two years, and I forgotten how much I enjoy making small pieces.  Here are snippets of the two I've almost finished.  Actually, "Hope" only needs to have the binding sewn down.

The plan was to do sew the binding down and do some embroidery last night while watching something from Netflix.  Instead, Fee and I drank wine and listened to Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, Jessie Winchester...

I have some ideas for more AAQI quilts and hope to get another done this week.   And finish these two.

Before Bryce Eleanor left yesterday she donned her heels, which looked enchanting with her night gown, and played a little more in the gravel.

See my little flags for the 4th of July.

 Then she holds up one flag...

BE: "Can I take it home?" (a frequent request)

Me:  "Sure"

BE:  "And this one for my Mommy?"

ME:  "OK"

BE:  "And this one for my Daddy?"

ME:  "How sweet of you to always be thinking of your Mommy and Daddy."  (ahem...sure, Amelia & Chris really want a little flag; and sure, you are going to give them one)


  1. It's nice to read that you're quilting again. :)
    Your little GD is precious and growing up fast.

  2. Love the little peek at your quilts. And Bryce Eleanor's heels too, of course. :-)

  3. Heels & gravel--you can tell she's still young!

  4. I love it! And what fun with little miss BE! Isn't it the most amazing thing how mojo comes and goes but when it comes back in for whatever art form we love, that it just surges?


  5. Connie - And enjoying it! So far, I've been using a lot of scraps, but I can feel a fabric buying binge coming on!

    B.E. is growing fast! Max and Mila are, too. Always interesting to watch the changes.

    Francoise - I'd like to have 3 or 4 little quilts to donate by August.

    I'm in constant fear of a turned ankle when B.E. puts those things on!

    Debra- :) Yes. Hope the fascination with heels will disappear, but doubt it!

    Michele - It is amazing about the mojo, and it is nice to have a worthwhile purpose for playing with fabric!


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