Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Triad Adventures

The Triad love to look out the window.  The garden looks like much more fun than their toys inside.

They do escape now and then--like the night a couple of weeks ago when Lucy managed to open the door and lead Edgar and Stinker out into the world.
It used to be Stinker who opened all of the doors.  We had to replace all the door handles with knobs.  Except for the outside doors.  Now Lucy jumps up, hangs, the scratches with her feet until she can push the door open.
 I didn't even know they were gone for a while.   Out at 11:30 looking for cats.  I found Lucy pretty quickly, but not Edgar and Stinker.  Finally, I could hear them crying, but couldn't find them.  Puzzling.  Weird.  It did not sound as if the meow's were over the fence.  It sounded much closer.

It sounded as if...they were...above me.  The damn things were on the roof!  Fee was out of town.  So there I am at sometime after 12:00 by then, trying to haul the huge ladder from the garage, through the house, into the back yard and finding a steady place in the garden to set it up.

Then up the ladder to see the two miscreants silhouetted by moonlight and yowling up a storm.  Fat Edgar was first, wounding me in the process.  Lifting him from the roof was not easy as he was not willing, and he's huge, but I got him down.

Back up for little Stinker who is such a light weight that it was a much easier rescue.

So I don't have much sympathy any longer for their yearnings for the wide, wide world outside their windows.


  1. Hmmm, better invest in some different locks! We have puppies, one of whom my husband swears can walk through walls. If the door is cracked just a tiny amount, she's gone! The only things to bring her back are promises of treats OR threats to spank her butt!


  2. Yes, our old man cat used to open the lever doors...and he was oh so adept at getting up on the very tall roof but a whiner when he wanted to get down. I gave up because he'd whine and then not let me get him. I gave up, and he got down...brat! I miss him, he was a real and white, too =-)

  3. What sneaky little felines!! Glad you corralled them back in!!

  4. Mary - If I lock it, there isn't a problem, but I go in and out all day and sometimes forget to lock it. I'm afraid we will have to switch to knobs for this door, too.

    Debby - Whew! Sometimes I wonder if they are worth the trouble. I was trying to knit again the other day, but the Edgar thought it was another game and ran off with the ball of yarn!

    Sherry- They ARE sneaky, and demanding, and cuddly!

  5. oh dear oh dear - is it wrong that this is hilarious to me? Plus I adore those pintuck ruffles on the beautiful skirt! (Acey)

  6. ACey - A lot of things are funny in retrospect, but I can assure you that the next time Lucy opens the door, and Stinker and Edgar take to the roof, they will all be on their own! :) I'm too old to be climbing ladders in the dark!

  7. Oh, my! I might add that they're smart cats too, up to a point anyway.

  8. Kay - They are very smart about getting what they want!


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