Thursday, June 30, 2011

  Remember I told you about the studio chaos?   These are just isolated shots, taken as a whole, it is simply too much to contemplate.  No wonder I have trouble getting things done.  Yoga books on the floor next to my mat, cutting table covered with stuff, some of the treasures from the trip to Natchez  (I mean doesn't everyone want old rusty items?), my cabinets overflowing because I don't bother to put things back straight and orderly, just toss them out of the way.

  Have been browsing through some of the wonderful works on the TAFA Flickr site.  So many talented fiber artists and their works to admire! If I had more energy and commitment, I'd open an Etsy shop and join TAFA.

Last night's yoga class was a real work out.  Slow but lots of repetitions and stays, and I'm feeling it today, but in a good way.  I put a little more difficulty in my morning sadhana as a result.  I've been fairly lazy lately in my morning practices, doing more relaxing and stretching than holding poses like warrior poses and chair poses which require more strength.  Must remedy that.

I just finished a beautiful book.  One that I unreservedly loved; my favorite book of the year.  The Summer of the Bear by Bella Pollen is beautifully written, seamlessly plotted, and devastatingly human.  Part spy story, part fairy tale, Summer of the Bear is set in 1980 during the Cold War and is about a family that must come to terms with the father's death in  unusual circumstances, shortly after he returns from a visit to East Berlin.  I love all the characters in this novel.  I'm not sure when I'll get around to reviewing it on my book blog, but it was a delight to read.

Today, I need to get my packing done for our road trip.  Tomorrow we are heading to Hot Springs, Ark., then we'll move on to Memphis, Tenn., then to Natchez, MS.  A 5 day trip at a leisurely pace.  I'm so looking forward to it!

Fee, Amelia, and Erin all have i phones; I've resisted because I use my cell phone so seldom.  The other day, Fee brought home an i phone for me, and I've been enjoying some great music, and now I can get email on my phone, play games, listen to audio books...  It will be nice on our road trip to be able to listen to a novel....


  1. Enjoy your trip and the iphone. I'm a little jealous since we won't be able to take a vacation this summer. I am settling for vicarious vacations with books and magazines. I may have to give The Summer of the Bear a try. You make it sound so interesting even though I'm not much of a spy novel reader.

  2. Mary - Well, I misrepresented the spy story aspect. The father was a British diplomat in Bonn, Germany during the Cold War. That plays into the story, but the emphasis is always on the way the mother and each of the children come to terms with what happened.

  3. I find that if I tidy up for a few minutes at the end of my workday, the next day is so much better.

    Enjoy your road trip!

  4. Hey, yes others do want old rusty stuff....I actually picked up bucket of old, rusty, useless junk from my dad's shop and hauled it home. Rich was about to have a heart attack! He's been cleaning, I just haul more stuff home. Have no idea why I want this, except maybe to rust dye some fabric.

  5. Mary - I pick up this stuff for various reasons, mostly as possibilities for dolls. Why haven't I thought about rust dyeing some fabric? Great idea!


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