Monday, June 06, 2011

Monster Love

I love monster dolls, stuffed, overly loved or abused, sad and  funny, charming little creatures! I've been saying for quite a while that I was going to make one, but each time I see one by a really talented artist, I want "that" doll and know my own would not compare.

Junker Jane's were the first ones I fell in love with, and her creatures have continued to evolve with more detail and personality, so... fickle me, I simply can't choose a favorite, but vacillate back and forth.  Junker Jane ETSY and her BLoG--  go, fall in love!

Junker Jane on Etsy

Junker Jane blog

more Junker Jane
 And a new discovery at Twisted Root-- wonderful little monsters!  I love Wendell, below, but as usual, I love them all.  Check 'em out!
Twisted Root blog

I'm not sure why I fall in love with each of these creations, but I do---over and over again!

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