Monday, June 20, 2011


It's Monday, What Are You Reading?  -- is a weekly feature at Book Journey.

This past week, I finished:

Zor: Philosophy, Spirituality, and Science by  J.B.-- A parable of sorts that deals with all of the things mentioned in the title by applying them to a fictional character.  Many of the theories, advances, and individuals in neuroscience are included.   Although it is a fictional story, the information is authentic, so I'll probably include it in my "brain" book category.
Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan -- ghost story, reincarnation, karma

before the last all clear by Ray Evans -- a memoir of a WWII evacuee.  Operation Pied Piper planned to move 3.5 million children in 3 days in Sept. 1939.  While one source says that the actual number moved by Pied Piper in the 3 day deadline ended up being 1.9 million, many more were evacuated later.  The war ended in 1945...

Here is a link that gives more information about the evacuations.  Many of these children were separated from their parents for 6 years.

I'm still trying to get the backlog of reviews written and scheduled.

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