Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking for Inspiration?

Visit INDIE GOGO for more information about TAFA.

I was a member of TAFA, but kind of forgot about it.  Now the membership requirements include professional presence on the web.  I am just a hobbyist.

I suppose I'm a Supporter, as I made my contribution; can't believe I forgot about all the inspiring pieces and artists on TAFA.

We just got some rain here!  Blessed Be!  I can't remember the last rain, and our temps have been 100+ for days.

Still thinking about ideas for the AAQI. Mary (Fleur de Lis Quilts) and I have decided to begin working on our quilts the first week in July.  We will mail them in August.  The sale of these little art quilts goes to help fund Alzheimer's Research, certainly a worthwhile cause as almost everyone these days has either been affected personally by this disease or know someone who has.

If anyone would like to join us in our first Alzheimer's Art Quilt endeavor,  please let us know.

More information about the art quilt size requirements, etc.  can be found here.

Michele (With Heart & Hands) has a challenge - a quilt a month.  You can find more information about the Liberated Quilters Challenge here.  If you would like to see some examples, visit this link:   Liberated Quilters Challenge.

I want to see how the first one goes, but I may attempt Michelle's challenge later. I used to love making small art quilts, but haven't made one in a couple of years.


  1. Love the fun Tafa video...colorful and great music and fun! I loved recognizing work from sites I've visited!

    Btw...the Quilt a Month is from AAQI..not me. I just have one page "Liberated Challenge" to think outside of each person's box...for anyone who joins in my fun and sends me their quilt numbers so I can post on our own page at AAQI. Anyone,any style of quilting.

    For people who join the super dedicated over achievers,of QAM through AAQI... if they make.... or buy... a quilt a month for 6 months, there may be a prize from AAQI for their commitment;)

    Buying a quilt is considered just as valuable as making one! In any case, we LOVE new quilters. So, would love to have both of you join in the fun!

  2. Glad you got some rain! Hope it helps with the temps. We are just heating up they say after a very mild few weeks since I've been home...maybe it's time to go back to my little house =-) Love your new header!

  3. Michele - I love that video, too!

    Oh, dear, guess I got that confused about the Quilt a Month. Well, we will be taking part soon with at least one quilt!

    Debby - Not nearly enough rain, but it cooled things down some. Thanks for the vote of confidence on my new header!

  4. I found it is easier to make a few at the same time when making them. I plan to do some more at the end of the summer too.

  5. Debra - That's a good idea, Debra. If I ever get my cutting table cleared off....

  6. Thanks so much for supporting TAFA with your donation and for plugging the video here on your blog! Our new website will definitely become a hub for our whole community.

    We need more people to jump in with support, so I hope your readers will follow your lead.

    I bopped around a bit and absolutely love your dolls!

  7. Rachel-- I do hope more people will contribute. If I ever decide to sell my wares, I'll certainly be looking to TAFA for guidance and support.

    Thanks for the nice comment about the dolls!


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