Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Theo is on hold because I've been distracted with a few other projects.  Sometimes I get tired of whatever I'm working on, and ideas for new dolls or new techniques just push thoughts of the current doll aside.
 She's coming along, and has some knickers and a pair of felt boots, but my attention is wandering again.  She needs a hat and a suitcase.

Favorite Things:

Amelia's patriotic table scape. More here.

Eden roses at My Romantic Home.

 This adorable elephant at Pattycake Primitives on Etsy.
 Cat's creations are all so engaging, but "Minuet" makes me smile. Visit her Indian Art Dolls shop on Etsy.

Interesting to Gray-headed me-- this article.  I have a friend whose hair is all white, and I love it.  Hers has been that way for years.  Mine may never get there, staying in this in-between state forever.

It was not really a surprise to read that more women are going gray, and more men are coloring their hair.  :)


  1. Oh poor Theo. How can you just set her aside? She's coming along so nicely. Can't wait to see the whole her, in finished state, of course.

    As for gray hair, I have a patch right smack in the middle of the top of my head. Strangely, it's the exact spot that hurts the most when I get a migraine. I say that's where all the stress eventually ends up. :-)

  2. Theo will get done when you have the spirit to finish her! I'm sure she will be wonderful!

  3. Mary - It is more a matter of neglect. I go up to the studio to work and just can't think what to do with her. :) She doesn't seem to mind, but some of the creatures that have been in limbo for a year do send me dirty looks!

    It is strange that your migraines and gray patch are centered, so maybe there is something to the stress hypothesis!

    Sherri - You are right; I need the spirit to finish her, and eventually, it will happen. :)

  4. I know you'll finish Theo eventually and I can't wait to see her. She's really turning out to be quite a character! I wish I had the courage to go gray. I find some people can really look beautiful but I'm afraid my skin tone which is olive wouldn't. Hope y'all have a wonderful Memorial weekend!!

  5. I have grey sprinkled throughout but my natural blonde hair has turned dark, I put a light rinse on because I can't stand the thought (or look!)of not having my light hair that I've had my whole life; I just don't like it! I would go natural if the grey was all over, but it's just enough to look frowsy, if you know what I's not all... What *is* pretty are the almost pure white streaks along the sides of my face...I love those =-)...if only the rest were that color...ah, well...vanity is hell but if I'm not happy looking in the mirror then I'm gonna do what makes me happy =-) And for now, that is my non-permanent rinse every 3 months or so...=-) Can't wait to see more of Theo! And that elephant, LOVE that =-)

  6. suesueb - :) I was just too lazy. When I quit going to have my hair cut, letting it gray was the next lazy step!

    DebbyMc- I love white streaks; they make such a nice contrast! My hair did the same thing, white at the sides of my face, which I liked.

    I'm not opposed to coloring or highlighting by any means, and if I were seriously unhappy with the gray, I'd do something about it.

    Isn't that elephant adorable?


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