Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Theo has a hat

and boots
and a suitcase
I'm really not very happy with Theo, but I've enjoyed her accessories.

The fan is out on the air unit for upstairs.  Yesterday, the temps up there stopped at 99 and went to "HI" -- someone will be coming this afternoon to work on it.  Hope they don't have to go upstairs because the studio is a disaster, and it is too hot to even begin straightening, much less really cleaning up.

Sad, but true.  Downstairs looks fine, nice and neat.  The studio, however, is always a different story.


  1. Thanks! It is not what I initially intended, but I think the top hat suits her. :)

  2. I see she's been to London....lucky girl. It's my dream vacation (actually all of England, but I'd settle). I agree, the hat definitely works!

  3. Well, I really like her =-) Love the hat! And she's gone to London! You are not alone on the studio front...haha!

  4. Mary - I think Theo loves travel and adventure. You should make your dream come true and visit London. The first time I went, I was shocked to realize it was cheaper to fly to London and stay 10 days than to go to San Francisco and stay for a much shorter time.

    Debby - Thanks, Debby. She is all out of proportion, and I was too lazy to make corrections when I could have.

    The air conditioning man came yesterday and fixed the upstairs unit. So today, I could start cleaning up. Don't imagine I will, though. :)

  5. Love the hat and the suitcase!
    My studio is a mess too... all those fabric scraps and little threads on the floor... it's awful. :-)

  6. I adore Theo AND her accessories.

  7. Francoise - The suitcase is a jello box! I applied gesso, then fabric, some paper clay, and paint. :)

    I see all those neat studios and dream! Mine never looks like that even when I clean up...which is not often enough.

    Sophie - Thanks! I've finished her parasol now and think that will be it for Theo. Unless something else dawns on me.

  8. I like Theo. She looks "haughty." In a good way. Tidying up the studio for a repairman? Fugeddaboutit!

  9. Rian -- I didn't, of course, but I would have if I could have stood the heat. I mean, it was/is a disaster.

    But he only needed to be upstairs for a minute to see if it was actually blowing cold air!


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